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Tips for Choosing Right Color Promotional Umbrellas for Advertising

Color is an important part of our communication and perception. We always employ different colors to exhibit our emotions and feelings. The same goes with colorful promotional umbrellas, if you make the wrong choice, then it will fail from serving purpose of your campaign and will bring you huge losses, too.

Tips for Choosing Right Color Promotional Umbrellas for Advertising

Tips for Choosing Right Color Promotional Umbrellas for Advertising

Here are some tips, which will aid you in making the right choice –

  • Go with the general emotions associated with the color
    You need to understand the basic emotion associated with the color. For eg – Red is a color on the serious note, blue stands for elegance, black stands for regularity and authenticity, green stands for  positivity, and so on. You need to understand which color will justify the emotions associated with your kind of business.
  • Identify the general color theme used in your niche
    This means you need to observe your competitors in the niche.  By looking at their brand color themes, you will get a rough idea, what will work in your favor or what not. This helps to arrive at right conclusions.
  • Go by trends
    You can hit upon internet to check about hot gifting trends for promotional umbrellas around the world. What all choices are favored by other marketers in your niche, etc.
  • Go by branding requirements
    You need to check which colors can best highlight your promotional symbols. It is always better to go for contrast colors or opposite colors to position your business messages.

What role do colorful promotional umbrellas play in brand building?

  • Contrast – Investing in contrasts is a great way to stand out in crowd. People have special affinity towards umbrellas with canopies in contrast colors. Any message imprinted against such background will be perceived with high importance.
  • Green – Marketers show strong affinity towards green umbrellas because they know it can trigger positivity and elegance in minds of onlookers. Green is proven to possess mind relaxation powers and people easily get inclined to it. Any information imprinted against the green colored canopy stands high chances of acceptance from crowd.
  • Black and White – Black means lack of color and white means nothing, which means any colored information against such background will create strong impressions on mind.

Avoid using light colored brand symbols or messages in light color over any of these umbrellas because it gets subdued against crowded backdrop.

You can make more refined choices on colorful promotional umbrellas depending on your expectations and business vision.

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