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Cool advertising ideas for food and beverage business

Nothing beats the popularity of custom promotional umbrellas in food and beverage business. Umbrellas are leisure promotional gifts and it is a perfect compliant with food and beverages too. Why a second thought then? These are the perfect advertising means to create a brand identity among your customers. At some point of our routine activities, everyone will have to sit out beneath an umbrella to enjoy a drink or eat a fine meal. Add more delicacy to your custom products by offering personalized promotional umbrellas for your customers. Select the best over sized umbrellas, get it imprinted with your brand name and logo and distribute among the customers to spread your name.

Outdoor dining is such a wonderful experience. It is gaining popularity too. Many restaurants and bars add an exquisite extension to their buildings with such promotional umbrellas. You can use your brand name imprinted umbrellas to gift the restaurant owners or retail store owners who sell your products. They will use such umbrellas to open up a smart outdoor dining space. In the case of retail store owners they could use it to open up a small outlet of your specific products under it. There could be many resorts who will be offering your products as part of their menu. In that case, you can offer them the beautiful beach umbrellas customized with your brand name on it.

Promotional umbrellas could be used in all seasons. They serve you multi purposes. Imagine how intelligent an idea is to use a promotional umbrella in extreme climatic conditions like a storm or an emergency situation. You can hand over a set of anti wind umbrellas with your logo imprinted on it to offer a helping hand for those who are in such harsh conditions. It will help them for sure and serves as the best token for your care and concern. There may arise some critical conditions like a situation of flood where you support the victims by offering your food and beverage brand. There also you can give these custom promotional umbrellas to the volunteers who help the victims.


The personalized promotional umbrellas could be distributed in various leisure places like parks or beaches. Leisure time is mostly complemented with food and beverage. Isn’t it the right place to get noticed then? Definitely yes. Make use of such ideal situations to promote your business. Club houses are another perfect platform to market your brand. You get specific standard customers from there. The brand name imprinted promotional umbrella display in such a place can force the viewer to order your specific brand. Promoting sports events is another good thought to showcase your brand name. Use the golf umbrellas in a golf course to promote the brand name of your beverage. Gifting your prominent customers with personalized fashion umbrellas is a great idea. There are wide varieties for those who have a sense of fashion in them.

Without any doubt, maintaining a market presence is tedious. So, effective promotional ways are inevitable to retain as well as expanding the brand identity. Apart from improving the customer relationship, you can also reap the benefits of creating a brand awareness to excavate more business opportunities through the custom imprinted promotional umbrellas. Never miss this chance to make your customers happy with such functional, cost effective gifts.

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