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Creative Ways To Employ Custom Umbrellas In Business Promotions

Printed umbrellas make a great promotional swag for your products and services. Businesses have used them to derive the best results. So, have you recently ordered custom umbrellas? Check out these smart tips that will give you more bang for your buck and a clear cut promotional advantage.

46 inch Arc Custom Printed Umbrellas w/ Strap

Get started by picking up the best events and occasions where you can hand out custom umbrellas and get spotted.

As contest prizes

Competitions and contests are a great way to generate excitement and to collect the emails of the entrants for building your marketing database. Printed umbrellas will make a great hand out because your brand on these will get consistent attention from everyone around even after the game day thrill gets over.  Make sure to share the snapshots of the event and share it social media to create a buzz.

Umbrellas are fashion accessories as well

If you are looking for a creative business idea to promote your fashion brand, fashion show or more,  look no further than fashion umbrellas. Just think of the exposure your brand will get every time your fashionable customers walk around the town with these stylish imprinted umbrellas. You can distribute it in store when someone makes a purchase, hand out in random at the street corner to create a buzz or you can even think of distributing it at the concerts or the game days to get your business in front of your target audience. All it takes is a bit of forward planning to customize  these fine quality umbrellas into business gifts that everyone will want to get hold of!

Tradeshow Swag

Use custom umbrellas at your next business event and your attendees will have the surprise of their day when they get something useful other than flyers or brochures. Let’s be frank about it; in tradeshows people will be inundated with all types of promotional papers, most of which may end up in the bin and fail to grab the attention of the attendees. By handing out something useful as imp0rinted umbrellas, your items are more likely to be taken home, explored in great detail and above all use them on a regular basis. Thus printed umbrellas will get your audience to remember your brand, long after they’ve forgotten about the event!

Corporate gifts

Did you know that corporate gifts are not just appreciation gifts handed out to your employees but these double pull as your promotional items as well. Your crew will be excited to show off these colorful umbrellas whenever they are out with their friends and your brand will get a lot of word of mouth publicity. Settle for crowd pleasing models like beach umbrellas or totes umbrellas that will grab easy attention while your brand will get the bragging rights of the life time.

These are some of the limitless ways to use promotional umbrellas for businesses. The only limit is your imagination; think creative and explore the possibilities.

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