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Custom Umbrellas As Summer Corporate Giveaways

Summer is in its glory and everyone is busy with their favorite outdoor leisure activities and events. Surveys have shown that about 30 percent of people between the ages of 18 and 34 consider summer to be their favorite season.

Why not turn this to your advantage by choosing summer staples like custom umbrellas as your marketing tools? It is the best way to get your message across to the masses this summer. Custom umbrellas are a great example of a promo product that will resonate with all age groups including the younger audience. It is useful the beach, the pool, the park, and other places while your brand gets a wide angle display

Umbrellas are available in a wide range of models and not all models are the same. So, make sure to consider your target audience’s preferences and your budget to finalize the most appropriate model. If your goal is to keep your costs low when purchasing promo products, choose basic models like standard umbrellas. It will enhance the outdoor experience of the audience while promoting your brand on a budget. Win-win!

Alternating Panel Umbrellas

If you wish to highlight your corporate colors on your swag, choose umbrellas with alternating panels. It will create a great brand display and will impress the recipients as a trendy accessory that will never get overlooked. Add your logo, artwork and message to make these umbrellas unique to your company.

Transparent Umbrellas

Do you want to make sure that all eyes are on your business name when people are outdoors? You can keep their eyes glued to your brand by using these bubble umbrellas that will set a spectacular sight with your brand imprint on. Available in various model including those with colorful accents, these umbrellas will surely stand out in the crowded summer venues this season. But no matter how you choose to go about it , a translucent umbrella will allow the users to see the summer sky even while they remain shielded from the sun.

Full Color Umbrellas

Are you interested in creating custom umbrellas that people will see from a distance? You may like these custom dye sublimation full color golf umbrellas a perfect choice. Imprint your design all over the canopy in full colors to make eyes pop!

They will make a stronger statement as it is impossible for people to miss, no matter whether it’s being used at the beach or the camp sites. These vividly colored umbrellas will stand out in the crowd and leave a real impression on people when they see them.

Reflective Stripe Umbrella

Further, safety features like reflective strips on umbrellas are as important as colors and prints. It will also make the users more visible at night for the motorists and keep them safe. Choose from various models.

Square Shaped Umbrellas

If your company wants to use something really quirky, look no further than these square canopy golf umbrella. It will make a delightful addition to any marketing plan and not just golf events and will never look out of place. Add your logo and message on these to impress the audience.

Still confused as to which models you should choose as your promotional merchandise? Explore our complete line of custom umbrellas to find a perfect match.

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