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Custom umbrellas from 30” to 70”- nothing is impossible in brand promotion

Come rain or shine be there for your customers with these exquisite custom umbrellas that come in an amazing range of sizes. Choose from sizes ranging from a sleek 30” canopy to a massive 100” to cater to all your promotional and branding needs. US Umbrellas has a stunning range of custom umbrellas of different sizes and just browse along to choose the one that suits your need. We have shortlisted some of the most popular custom umbrella models on offer.

custom logo umbrella

Budget range
32” personalized umbrellas are the most popular promotional gifts among budget custom umbrellas that help you weather the high storms of competition. Highly affordable, value added and above all visible, these are highly sought after by advertisers for gifting because of the unique charm that these impart to an otherwise ordinary business campaign. To put your brand on the launch pad all you need to do is to grab these popular 32 inch umbrellas, which will help you to instantly fight off bad weather and the competition 24 x 7!

Personalized Forest Green White 72Arc Economy Beach Umbrellas

Unique and innovative options
Personalized 44 inch Umbrellas would help you shield customers while flashing your logo in bad weather days. The promotional 44” umbrellas are hugely sought after for their massive imprint area that would readily attract a few gazes and put your brand under spotlight. Advertisers who wish to influence the brand consciousness of their customers in a unique way would find these custom umbrellas safe bets. Ideal for outdoor promotions, sports events, social causes, cafes and spas, these umbrellas stand out for their big and bold charm that sweeps anyone off their feet in no time!

Best bets for money
A custom 52 inch umbrella will ensure a panoramic visibility and gets you noticed from over heads. The best bets for money, these custom umbrellas are ideal options for start up businesses on a budget and that cannot afford to buy large advertisement space. Sprawling and massive, these custom umbrellas can be spotted from even a distance due to its prominence and it not only promotes your brand but also create personal values. People who get big and beautiful umbrellas as gifts will never forget the brands for their unique charm and value!

Popular models
Promotional 60 inch umbrellas are often distinguished as golf umbrellas. These are the most popular options for promotions by sports manufacturers during golf matches and other sporting events. Sporting is a highly competitive field and advertisers have to work hard for keeping their stakes high and to expand their business. These huge custom umbrellas will show up from any distance and it will keep the brand information up and kicking! Sports advertisers on the lookout of innovative themes and gift ideas would find these giant umbrellas great bets to drive up their popularity and sales volume.

Head turners
Custom 72 inch umbrellas can be used as beach umbrellas by hotels, beach side restaurants, honeymoon villas, and caterers for promoting their brand values. Display your logo where it’s sure to get noticed and stand ahead of your competitors. It can qualify as promotional aids even in crowded streets and market places where nothing innocuous can grab the attention of the viewers. The enormous size and the massive imprint area of these custom umbrellas would mean that your messages are never gonna miss a viewers eye!

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