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Custom Umbrellas Make A High Visibility Item For All Types Of Promotions

The most effective promotional items are the most functional. Promotional Umbrellas score a few brownie points here for sure.

Some of the other big advantages of umbrellas that make it a highly effective promotional item include the following

  • Everyone needs umbrellas to stay safe from the hostile weather elements. Umbrellas are something people carry around on a regular basis.
  • Umbrellas are portable and can be easily carried in bags or pouches. With the evolution of handy models like mini umbrellas and folding umbrellas, people have even started using umbrellas as fashion accessories and props even on a day sans bad weather woes!
  • Umbrellas make people feel safe and reassured against the unexpected bad weather blues.
  • The brand imprints on a custom umbrella are not just seen by the recipients every time they opt to carry it with them, but will also be seen by everyone around when they use it.
  • Umbrellas have a massive imprint area and colorful canopy that can be put to the maximum use to imprint your brand and message.

A few tips to employ promotional umbrellas

Promotional umbrellas can be used in countless ways.

  • Be it as tradeshow handouts or purchase gifts and loyalty gifts, umbrellas fare well in all these aspects and more. Imprint your logo and message on these and see how these weather-ware items will make your brand part of their daily lives
  • Golf umbrellas are great options to promote golf leagues and community events. The massive canopy will allow you to place your branding message in style and in a conspicuous style.Personalized 62 inch Full-size Most Popular Golf Umbrella
  • Beach umbrellas: Celebrate beach holidays and the beach fun in the air with these custom beach umbrellas. Imprint your logo and message on these and see how these beach umbrellas will make your brand stand out.86 inch Arc Customized Beach Umbrellas w/ 7 Colors
  • Full color umbrellas: Reach out to your audience with these colored and stylish umbrellas that double up as decorative pieces and art. Imprint your brand and you will be surprised at the attention that it gets every day!58 inch Auto Open Folding Custom Logo Full Color Umbrellas w/ 19 Colors
  • Folding umbrellas: Gone are the days when umbrellas used to be massive. Check out our best sellers of folding umbrellas that can be slipped into a bag easily. The high portability will make these umbrellas a top pick.Personalized 42 inch Auto-Open Spectrum Folding Umbrella

Umbrellas as employee gifts
Last but not least, umbrellas also make excellent corporate gifts. Your employees will surely love these colorful accessories that add specks of color and style to their weather ware collections. You can enhance the functionality of these by incorporating coupons on to these, which will make your employees shop at their favorite outlet. These make wonderful appreciation gifts and corporate picnic favors among others.

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