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Custom Umbrellas Make Multifaceted Handouts That Drive Up Your Brand Visibility- Must Read

Umbrellas make high visibility promotional items that will scream your message at the highest pitch. Though the massive canopy of umbrellas make the primary imprint space for your brand, umbrellas offer additional imprint space which further enhances its promotional capability. Your brand message on the sleeves or handles will get a lot of attention even when the umbrellas are not in use. Umbrellas enjoy a high retention and ensure more value for your money, which makes umbrellas a great choice for budget promotions and mass events like tradeshows.

Make use of the additional imprint spaces

Not just the massive canopy but sleeves and handles of custom umbrellas make space for your message and brand. Choose models with personalized tie straps or imprintable sleeves to put your brand on a wide display.  You can add an element of suspense and dramatic appeal to your tradeshow presence, by distributing sleeves imprinted with a booth number and a call to action message for your attendees to visit the booth to get a free umbrella. It will add a fun twist to the tradeshow promotions and a great way to drive up the footfalls of your booth.

Stay in trend with fashion

Umbrellas offer a lot of fashion designs and rich color palettes that can be exploited nicely to turn these logo items to your branding tools. Polka Dots 43 inch Arc Tote umbrellas or Four Seasons Totes Auto – Open/ Close Umbrellas are great examples of fashion umbrellas that will make a firm favorite of your audience. Match it up with your promotional theme, change of seasons or the likes of your target audience with ease and impress your audience. Umbrellas with fashionable colors and eye catching prints will make your brand a winner.

Personalized Polka Dots 43 inch Arc Totes Auto-Open/Close Umbrellas

Quality is paramount

Choose superior quality umbrellas that are made to last long.  Higher the retention, greater will be the brand visibility. Ensure that your recipients get the best possible experience with a given product. Make sure that the custom umbrella that you choose last for many years and not just one season. Choose fiber glass umbrellas that will stand the test of time for a long time. Every time your recipients use it on road or the greens, your brand and message will get a lot of attention. Umbrellas set off word of mouth publicity more easily than other promotional items as they remain in plain view of everyone around.

How has been your experience of using custom umbrellas as promotional items? Do share your experiences with us at our comments section below.

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