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Custom Umbrellas- Nothing But The Best In Promotional Gifts!

Custom umbrellas hold incredible potential as marketing items because these will get scores of people to walk down the streets with your banner raised above their head! The best part is that they would do it for free, happily and even will remain thankful to your brand for having handed out such a useful handout. Promotional umbrellas can be used to promote brands, spread message or popularize awareness events. Offered in a range of models and colors, umbrellas are perennially popular and will offer amazing customization options as well.

48 Inch Arc Custom Printed Auto Open Umbrellas

Consider some of the features of an umbrella that make it a great marketing tool.

  • The massive imprint area that can range from 20 square inches to 100 square inches will make a perfect display board for your message and brand.
  • Umbrellas can be printed on all panels, thereby ensuring an eye popping 360 degree display.
  • Imprinted umbrellas will grab easy attention because these are held high in the air above the crowd.
  • Custom umbrellas are offered in countless colors and hues, which make it fairly simple to choose a model that matches your corporate color for the best effect.

Umbrellas offer a range of imprint options too that make it a high value gift for marketers.

Panel Prints

In a standard imprint, your message and logo is printed on one panel. However, you can opt for multiple panel imprints at an additional cost if you want to ensure more exposure.  While your audience will have an umbrella that look dramatically beautiful, multiple panel imprints will ensure a high visibility branding tool for marketers. Win-Win!

Multi-color panel imprints

Multi-color imprint options are also available on many custom printed umbrellas. However on the flip side it might cost you higher than single color imprint. Single color imprint is usually easier to see from a distance, so, if your basic idea is to give your brand more exposure, multi color imprints might not be a good choice.

Panel underside print

If you are looking for a subtle and understated way of brand promotion, you can consider imprinting your brand on the panel underside. It will make a great choice for marketers who might not find a large imprint on the outside of the umbrellas to be appropriate. The underside imprinted umbrellas will get used more than panel imprinted umbrellas, which means your brand will have a higher engagement with the users. Check out these beautiful underside imprint umbrellas  that will literally make your customers fall in love with your brand!

Another elegant customization option is to place the logo on the handle of the umbrella. Your brand will get a lot of attention everytime your recipient’s use the umbrellas. Like the underside imprint, the handle logo customization is a more subtle approach that will get a lot of appreciation from your audience even when the umbrellas remain closed.

Case imprint

When umbrellas include a case, you can imprint your logo on the case to make it seen even when the umbrella is not in use. These best part is that an interesting brand imprint on the umbrella case will get a lot of attention from everyone around, which means your message will get the much desired word of mouth attention.

Have you used custom umbrellas as promotional items? Were you happy with the outcome? Do share your experiences with us at the comments section below.

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