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Custom Umbrellas – Which Models Fare The Best For Brand Promotions

Umbrellas make a high visibility promotional item on a budget thanks to its generous imprint area to place your brand on. The solid color choices and the large canopy size will all make sure that your message is well seen even from a distance. Promotional umbrellas are well suited especially during crowded events like street corner promotions, tradeshows or in fact any outdoor event. Unlike many other small items, custom umbrellas will offer better visibility for brands as these are popped open by your recipients to stay safe from the weather elements.

Here are some of the most popular promotional umbrellas that can be used for brand campaigns.

  1. Telescopic umbrellas
    Handy and highly portable, these telescopic umbrellas are easy to carry around. Put your brand and message on these highly functional, daily use umbrellas that will bring back valuable leads with unbelievable frequency !42 Inch Arc Custom Telescopic Folding Umbrellas
  2. Golf umbrellas
    Put your brand , mascot or message on a panoramic display in golf greens with these custom golf umbrellas. Sturdy to bear the outdoor weather conditions and spacious to accommodate two or more people at a time, printed golf umbrellas are well suited to promote sports events and fairs where a large audience is expected. These massive umbrellas will grab easy attention even when you use just a few of them in events. Get your message out in a bold and big fashion with these golf umbrellas that are too prominent to over look. The best part is that golf umbrellas will give a fairy tale charm even to a low key event. So, next time when you need to leave a lasting impression among your audience in a cost effective manner, look no further than these logo umbrellas.46 Inch Arc Custom Logo Executive Umbrellas w/ 4 Colors
  3. Market umbrellas
    Stun the audience with the majestic appearance, eye popping sizes and brilliant colors of these market umbrellas. Originated in the market places of Europe, market umbrellas can be used around restaurants and cafes or even at the beach offering shade for several people as they enjoy their drinks and meals. Their impressive canopy will make a canvas for you to place your brands and to grab the attention of customers. Once set up, these custom market umbrellas will continue to make impression on a daily basis for a very long time.7 ft Wood Square Promotional Market Umbrella w/ 5 Colors
  4. Anti Wind Umbrellas
    Umbrellas have to be functional to make it well retained. So, if you are looking for a model that will bear the weather elements with ease, look no further than these anti wind umbrellas. Your recipients will surely admire your brand for having handed out an umbrella that will not get blown away in high winds. The vented canopies, reinforced skeletons and breathable fabric material will make these anti wind umbrellas look great and last long. These really make a big statement when you hand them to your customer for FREE and they use it for countering powerful wind gusts!42 Inch Personalized Arc Vented Windproof Slim Stick Umbrellas

Umbrellas have always been popular promotional items. Browse our collection and choose a model that suits your recipients’ needs and see how these custom umbrellas will put your brand well hoisted in front of everyone.

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