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Customization Tips From Pros To Make Your Imprinted Umbrellas Stand Out

Umbrellas have an impressive history  of use across different civilizations all over the world as not just everyday items but royal insignia and ceremonial items as well. Today, umbrellas have evolved from being purely functional to fashion accessories that nobody can do away with!

Custom umbrellas are available in a wide range of models, sizes and colors. The canopy of the umbrella makes a portable canvas for your image and creative artwork. Businesses can make use of this prime branding real-estate to showcase their logo and call-to-action message.

Afterall, can there be a better way to spread your word than a free moving imprinted umbrella that takes your brand wherever your clients go? Get your brand noticed easily by turning these imprinted umbrellas as an effective marketing tool all round the year.

Here are some tips to customize your promotional umbrellas to make it attention grabbing.

  1. Bright Colors Stand Out

Bright colors get easy attention and choosing umbrellas in lively colors is the best way to make your brand pop.  Vivid colors will set a contrasting backdrop for your message and create an instant impression in the minds of your target audience. Make your brand instantly recognizable to everyone, everywhere with these solid colored umbrellas.

  1. Prominent Branding

Place your brand information in such a way to make it readable from even a distance. It will make sure that your business gets the most attention every time your recipients are out on the street. Keep your message simple and straight. Bold letter and concise text will drive home your message effectively and enhance the marketing potential  of these logo items.

46 Inch Arc Promotional Automatic Open and Close Folding Umbrellas

  1. Artwork and Patterns

Using interesting patterns and artwork makes a clever way to drive your audience’s attention towards your branding. When used correctly, an interesting design will direct the attention of the onlookers directly onto your branding. Think of simple, elegant designs and engaging taglines to draw attention to your promotional umbrella. A creatively customized umbrella will encourage the people to use your promotional umbrellas more often. It will also make an interesting banter topic in their circles.

47 Inch Arc Promotional Logo Silver Lining Umbrellas

  1. Taglines turn heads

Power packed taglines and clever catchphrases make a good way to add a fun element to your branding and make your message memorable. Play around with words, think of puzzles, quotes or rhyming taglines that will not just arrest the attention of your audience but will make your brand more memorable for your audience.

A tagline will sum up the crux of your business and the nature of your services in a nutshell and makes it easy for anyone who sees it to remember the message. A catch phrase printed on your promotional umbrella is a quick way to get recognized!

42 Inch Arc Promotional Vented Graphite Crown Umbrellas

  1. Know Your Target Audience

The most important tip to remember is to choose an umbrellas model that will appease your target audience and draw the right kind of attention from the crowd. For instance, if you have a youth audience, choose bright, playful colors, wider canopy and interesting imprint options  while a mature audience may prefer muted colors and classic models.

Printed Aluminum/Fiberglass Patio Umbrellas

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