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Facts And Figures Prove That Umbrellas Make Great Business Gifts

Custom umbrellas make fabulous business gifts for marketing your brand and spreading your message. Incredibly popular, umbrellas are daily use items that everyone needs in their lives.  Here are some statistics that will vouch for the popularity of these logo items

  • More Than 80% of the recipients of umbrellas will keep and use them for more than ONE YEAR
  • On an average, custom umbrellas make 1400 brand impressions for your logo.

So, if you are looking for a popular handout that will impress your audience, look no further than custom umbrellas. Versatile and highly practical, these daily use items are not just for the rain and shine days but also for the golf course, game days and the pool side. It goes without saying that umbrellas make universally appreciated business promotional advertising gifts, corporate gifts, and recognition gifts that not many people can resist. Offered in a range of interesting models, prints and colors, umbrellas offer a lot of choices to consider.

 Umbrellas make one of the best promotional products you can consider. These custom gifts will  get a retention of many years and your logo imprinted on them will promote your brand to many potential customers during its shelf life.  Did you know that umbrellas have one of the highest impressions – per advertising dollar spent?  This makes umbrellas a safe bet for budget marketers and start-up companies with a modest budget.

Choose From A Range Of Styles And Sizes

The countless styles and sizes in imprinted umbrellas will ensure something special for everyone and every budget. If you are expecting a diverse and massive audience like in tradeshows, it is better to settle for standard umbrellas that every age group will find useful. Need a summer incentive gift for your team or business partners?  Golf umbrellas or beach umbrellas will make great choices. Your brand and message will not just make your recipients feel special but will grab the attention of everyone around.

From pint sized mini umbrellas to humongous market umbrellas and more, we have covered you fully in custom umbrellas. No matter what style or size of umbrellas are you looking for, you will find it all in our well stocked stores. Umbrellas are a proven advertising specialty item that will be useful for the recipients and showcase your logo for years to come.

Customized 43 inch Manual Open Mini Fold Umbrellas w/ 12 Colors

Always on use, umbrellas will spread your message in a subtle and interesting way to a wider audience on a daily basis. The best part is that your users won’t even feel that they are promotional items as these daily use items will literally make your brand part of their daily life.

Browse our extensive collection of custom umbrellas to choose a model that matches your needs.

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