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Features that Make Custom Umbrellas Great Promotional Items

Umbrellas have come a long way since their basic black designs to become highly evolved and interesting models in various colors and interesting models that will match the needs of the customers. Umbrellas offer more value for the promotional dime of the marketers thanks to the countless interesting models and innovative options on cards.

1) Stay safe with wind proof models

Umbrellas are something like parachutes and are expected to work every time! If these fail at a critical moment, your day will be ruined. Wind proof technology has resulted in reliable umbrellas that can withstand a rainstorm without leaving the users drenched. These umbrellas that will never fail the customer even at the most vulnerable time will create a solid positive impression in their minds and your brand will get a lot of appreciation.

2) Dual imprint space

Custom umbrellas allow the marketers to be as creative as they wish while promoting their business message due to the wide imprint area and full color imprint options. By customizing the inner panels, you can ensure a subtle way of marketing where your logo will be placed at the eye level of the customers without making the brollies look garish and gaudy. Most customers may not be keen at the idea of using umbrellas that look like billboards!

Promotional 46 Inch Arc Clear Night Sky Auto Open Folding Umbrellas

These umbrellas will keep your recipients engaged without spoiling the aesthetic appeal of the umbrellas. People will love gazing up your logo and artwork when they are waiting for the cab or walking down to the stores. You can even imprint city maps or other interesting designs on the inner panel to make it unique. Check out these Arc Clear Night Sky Auto Open Folding Umbrellas that feature cosmos and bright moon pattern on the interior canopy and offer a standard imprint space of 5.00″ H x 6.00″ W to showcase your brand logo neatly. Another interesting model to consider is New York Subway Map Customized Umbrellas . Imprinted with the subway map of New York will make a useful handout for commuters. The best part is that these umbrellas will stand out in the crowd and highlight your message easily.

3) Transparent umbrellas

The clear canopy umbrellas have a quirky charm about it as it will let the users see what is going on around them even when they are shielded with the umbrella.46 Inch Arc Custom Printed Dome Shaped Umbrellas

4) Handle imprints are a fad

Canopies aside, umbrellas offer plenty of customization options to make it more memorable and enhance the experience of the users. Auto Folding Imprinted Golf Umbrella w/ 3 Colors will make a great choice to consider. Custom handles will generate quick interest and enhances the function and promotional features.

56 Inch Auto Folding Imprinted Golf Umbrella w/ 3 Colors

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