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A Million Odd Reasons For You To Use Promotional Umbrellas

Summer is here; the mornings are going to be bright and sunny. Apart from being weather wear items, custom umbrellas make great marketing tools that will give the marketers a chance to reach out to their audience. Promotional umbrellas are a must have for any event this season as it will keep your clients well shielded from the sun but also have your company logo all around the event.

A Million Odd Reasons For You To Use Promotional Umbrellas

Umbrellas are no longer seasonal items

Gone are the days when umbrellas used to be seasonal items. These days they are used as props, fashion accessories, decorative pieces and more. During music festivals, parades and carnivals, promotional umbrellas can be used effectively to spread the word and grab the attention of people.7 Ft Custom Imprinted Wood Market Umbrellas

Promotional Umbrellas are easy to distribute and are always well retained by your audience. People seldom throw away an umbrella until it is broken. From mini umbrellas that fit easily into the bags to the fashion umbrellas that people love to show off everytime irrespective of the weather and the massive golf umbrellas and market umbrellas, we have a lot of options to choose from.

The marketing potential of promotional umbrellas

Huge is the marketing potential of imprinted umbrellas because everyone uses it irrespective of age, demographics or gender. The bigger the audience that use custom umbrellas the bigger will be your audience reach. The massive canopy of the umbrellas will make a huge billboard for the marketers to place their message. The best part is that your brand will be seen even from a distance and it will continue to make impression without any repeat investment.

Tips to consider

The event: Which is the event where you plan to hand out custom umbrellas? If it is a musical concert or carnival, you can choose brightly colored umbrellas that will grab easy attention of the audience. Personalize it with your tagline, mascot or message to get across your message in a subtle way. Umbrellas won’t be a sensible handout during business events as the attendees may not use it for themselves, which means the main objective of these logo items might not be served.

Venue: it is a major point of consideration. If the event is held in a location with little or no outdoor shelter, then bigger models like golf umbrellas will be better as these ensure better safety and coverage from weather elements.

Season: Umbrellas get used all round the year; however, if you wish to see most of your custom umbrellas out in the open, distribute it in rainy season, summer or winter. In mild seasons like spring or autumn, people are less likely to carry an umbrella.

Suits any budget

Budget is the watchword for most marketers. No matter whether you have a decent budget or a modest fund, custom umbrellas can be factored to your budget. There are various models of umbrellas in various price points to consider. Find out which product has the best price per unit? However, make sure not to compromise on the quality.

Share your experiences of using custom umbrellas as your marketing item and join the conversation.

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