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How Custom Beach Umbrellas Enhance the Outdoor Summer Experience

It goes without saying that one of the best summer activities for people is a beach holiday. So, if your customers have been looking forward to the summer sun, marketers can invest in popular handouts like beach umbrellas. Available in various sizes and models, these umbrellas make great handouts to your clients or long term employees. You can even customize these attractive umbrellas with your logo, to promote your business or announce special summer deals.

Versatility is thy name

Beach umbrellas have a high level of versatility; and hence will fit into any marketing plan with ease. The big canopy of the umbrellas will protect the users against harsh UV rays while businesses can ensure a great brand display.  

Custom beach umbrellas serve a unique promotional role;  by getting your message across to the beach crowd and even beyond. In addition, beach umbrellas are not just for the beach but  are useful during picnics, cook put parties and more. So, just think of the impressions your brand on these custom umbrellas will get.  Ideal to promote businesses in all types of industries, including hospitality, tours and travels, and more, beach umbrellas will also easily generate long-lasting traction.   Durable and reliable, beach umbrellas will also put your brand on a display while shielding your recipients from the sun.

Enhance the beach holiday experience

Further, custom Beach umbrellas are distinguishable in all corners of the world. Choose a model that reflect your brand identity and corporate colors to enhance  the beach holiday experience of your prospects. . Beach holidays got even better with these  fashionable beach umbrellas. Elegant and highly functional , beach umbrellas are available in a wide range of models and colors, which will help businesses to score more sales.

Beach umbrellas for special events

Interestingly, beach umbrellas are not just promotional but make great handouts during beach weddings, outdoor birthday parties and other social events. Enhance the appeal of your special day on the beach by handing out custom umbrellas.

Limitless choices

Smart customization is what makes beach umbrellas stand out . Think of an interesting tagline, fun quotes or artwork that will help you create head-turning beach umbrellas. Whether for business or personal use,  customized beach umbrellas will be the talk of the town.

Premium quality

These beautiful outdoor umbrellas are designed to last long and look great. Made of sturdy steel frames and high quality canopy material, beach umbrellas enjoy a long shelf life. Beach umbrellas protect the users from sun and strong winds at the beach while putting your brand on a wide angle display. Plus, these colorful massive umbrellas will add a pop of fun colors to the beach holiday snapshots of your audience as well.  Your recipients will indeed feel proud to show off these dramatically stylish umbrellas on social media where your brand will become the hottest talking topic!


Promotional beach umbrellas are portable. Businesses can gift them to customers as an appreciation for loyalty and put their message on a portable trail. These custom beach umbrellas will stand out for its elegance and durability, which in turn will draw easy eyes on to your brand.

By investing in these long lasting beach umbrellas, you can enhance your outdoor exposure. Browse our complete line of beach umbrellas to choose an appropriate model.

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