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How Logo Imprinted Umbrellas Will Boost Your Brand Visibility

Looking for a promotional gift that is well received, lasts long and enjoy a high visibility? Look no further than promotional umbrellas. Not many custom gifts can match the charm of these highly functional items of custom umbrellas.

Here are some sound reasons that make promotional umbrellas a good choice as marketing items.

Highly effective advertising items

The marketing wizards would vouch that for a custom gift to be effective, it has to be highly functional, durable and visible. Custom umbrellas make highly effective marketing tools that tick all these boxes with ease.

Promotional Umbrellas are Useful.

Just about everyone uses umbrellas many times a week, especially during bad weather conditions like summer or rain. Most people keep an umbrella permanently in the boot of their car, another in the office and couple of brollies at home for those just in case moments. Custom umbrellas will get used effectively and used often. Your brand on these daily use items will get the much desired portability and exposure at easy rates.

Umbrellas make high value gifts

Not many people can resist these high value gifts as these are long lasting and functional. The best part is that they would have to shell out a sizeable amount to buy an umbrella themselves and when you give away these logo items for free, your company is perceived as offering high value gifts that will impress your recipients easily.

Umbrellas Have a Long Shelf Life.

Umbrellas can last many years, which means that your brand and message will remain in front of your audience for a long time. Every time your recipients carry these umbrellas, your message will reach an extended audience in different locations. Umbrellas travel with people and will leave a long lasting brand impression. If you are looking for a custom gift that is portable and enjoys a high visibility, look no further than custom umbrellas.

Promotional Umbrellas Are highly Visible

The big canopy of umbrellas coupled with the brilliant color choices will make it a highly visible and eye catching promotional item. Imprint your brand, message or artwork and see how these attractive custom umbrellas stand out in the street among ordinary black umbrellas. Give your brand the visibility and appreciation that it deserves by imprinting it on these custom umbrellas.

By summing up all the advantages, it is easy to see why custom umbrellas make excellent promotional gifts that offer more value for your promotional budget. To help you get started we have listed some of our best selling models that will make a lot of difference to your promotions.

Vented golf umbrellas: Put your brand and message on a proud parade even in the windswept golf greens with these custom golf umbrellas that are designed to stand against the high winds of the golf links. The impressive size coupled with the interesting alternated/solid color patterns will make these custom umbrellas the favorites of your customers in no time. Big enough to hold 2-3 people at a time, these umbrellas are well suited for promoting golf matches, fashion brands, financial institutions and more.

58 Inch Arc Custom Vented Folding Umbrellas

48 Inch Arc Personalized Auto Open Umbrellas with Hook Handle: These classic hook handle umbrellas have an uncanny charm about them. Perennially popular, these logo items will never go out of fashion and will make a happening billboard for your brand. The wind resistant features of these umbrellas will make it a perfect choice for the most hostile weather conditions and your brand will get a perfect display.

48 Inch Arc Personalized Auto Open Umbrellas with Hook Handle

Promotional DC Metro Map Automatic Open Umbrellas: Give not just an umbrella but a map as well to your recipients with these automatic open metro map umbrellas, which will guide your recipients along the city and will keep your brand in front of them.

43 Inch Arc Promotional DC Metro Map Automatic Open Umbrellas

Double canopy umbrellas: The interesting design that features a double canopy and checkered bottoms will make it a perfect fashion umbrella for everyone. The handy and compact design makes it popular while the fiberglass frame will make it truly functional in rough weather conditions.

43 Inch Arc Logo Imprinted Safety Auto Open Folding Umbrellas

Which of these are you planning to make your marketing swag this season? Share your thoughts at the comments section.

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