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How Promotional Umbrellas Will Market Your Brand Even in Bad Weather

Bad weather will put spike on the wheels of your outdoor promotions. However, when you have custom giveaways like custom umbrellas, marketers can enjoy an incredible brand display in all four seasons and even in less than ideal conditions.  Likewise, promotional umbrellas are a valuable tool for any company as it will protect the users from elements while  spreading brand awareness. The versatility and high utility of custom umbrellas will definitely make them a must-have item. Everyone will need  umbrella at some point in their life. Add your logo, message and artwork on the canopy to make custom umbrellas great marketing tools

Branding all year round

Whether it’s rain or shine, custom- umbrellas will indeed help your recipients go about their daily activities.  Interestingly most people seldom think of buying an umbrella till they are caught in the rains. This is what makes custom umbrellas a great choice as free giveaways .Whenever rain clouds gather, your advertising message will pop up  on countless umbrellas  of your clients and customers.

Fun to customize

Branding umbrellas is fun thanks to the countless imprint options available . From screen printing on one panel or full color dye sublimation over the whole canopy and imprints on the handle or umbrella case, marketers can optimize umbrellas as subtly or loudly as they fancy.

Inner canopy printing:   Add logo and contact details on the inner canopy of the umbrella to ensure that your branding is visible to the prospects  at all times without being overwhelming

Handle  Imprints.  Effective branding need not be loud and gaudy. Put your brand on the handle for an elegant brand display and superior engagement with the users.

On the case. You can also imprint your message on the umbrella case to make a subtle brand reminder. It’s also an ideal choice for those who want to make their logo umbrellas look unique and professional.

Whole umbrella printing

In addition, should you wish to make a bold statement, place your artwork  in full color across the whole canopy. It will grab easy attention and make a lasting impression.


Custom umbrellas are a versatile and effective way to promote all types of businesses. Here are some industries that can exploit the branding potential of custom umbrellas to its fullest.


Umbrellas make great promotional items for  healthcare industry.  Further, these make giveaways at charity events, health awareness days and marketers can even customize it as giveaways to doctors and healthcare personnel

Finance Sector

Custom umbrellas make great customer giveaways and employee gifts for banks and financial institutions. It has a higher perceived value than other promotional items and can be effectively used as customer gifts, trade show swag or referral giveaways.

Sports and Outdoor Activities

Umbrellas also win hands down as merchandise to advertise sporting events like  golf outings. It can be even used as fundraising items for booster clubs, or given as free gifts to sponsors.


Hotels and restaurants can also use custom umbrellas as giveaways to regular customers, milestone gifts or can be sold in their gift shops as well.


Schools can highlight their tagline and school colors or mascot during orientation and events. It can even be used as fundraising items thanks to its incredible popularity.

So, how do you plan to use custom umbrellas as promotional items? Share your ideas with us

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