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Patio Umbrellas For Brand Recognition

Brand recognition is indeed what sets apart extraordinary brands from ordinary businesses. Thinking about creative ways to expose your brand to the world will go a long way in drawing the audience towards your message? Look no further than custom patio umbrellas to display your message.

Logo umbrellas are not just practical items that will protect the users from elements but make a great display board for your message. Believe it: custom umbrellas can be a useful  object to the recipients while promoting your business. Win-win. Patio umbrellas make a potent marketing tool that will  expose new customers to your brand in cozy settings  at cafes, restaurants and  game days. The subtle tone of branding  is what makes it  highly engaging.

Why Patio umbrellas?

The massive and sturdy custom patio umbrellas with a large span are ideal for both rain and shine. Long lasting and visually appealing , these umbrellas  can withstand elements and  ensure a great outdoor display. These umbrellas can be fixed on patio tables or bistro tables and can even be fixed using umbrellas stands.

Fully customizable

Patio umbrellas also have a massive canopy, which will set a perfect background to place your logo, message or artwork to leave a lasting impression among the audience. Choose from a wide range of colors, customize with a design and you are all set to impress the audience.

Though, patio umbrellas are especially popular promotional swag for restaurants, it is useful for the branding needs of other businesses and industries.

Here are some interesting ways to use custom patio umbrellas for promotions.

Create a space for your audience

During outdoor events, businesses can set up outdoor space for your prospects while boosting your brand visibility. By offering a comfortable space for the prospects , you can engage them with your message in a light hearted way.


Market umbrellas make a great asset to boost your outdoor visibility. Placing market umbrellas will draw the attention of not just the primary customers but even those who go about . An interesting umbrella will indeed pique easy interest among a lot of people and will even make a conversation starter for your customers relaxing under the shade.

Offer branded umbrellas in common areas

Guess what? Custom  umbrellas are not just for the outdoors but can be installed during indoor events, milestone events and more. By installing these visually appealing umbrellas in high traffic areas, marketers get the undivided attention of the users. Your message and artwork imprinted on these giveaways will never be missed!

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