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How Logo Umbrellas Boost Your Business

Promotional umbrella has always been a proven way to  increase brand awareness and boost revenue. So, if you are for looking long term brand promotion, the best possible option is custom umbrellas; thanks to its long term retention and incredible value associated with a good umbrella.

Virtually everyone has an umbrella in their possession to stay safe from elements and be ready to face the day. Thus, there cant be a better way to promote your company than to put your brand on custom umbrellas that will put your message on the hands of a vast number of people.

Studies shows that more than 57% of people could recall a brand on their promotional items, as against only 32% people remembering radio ads.

Here are some solid reasons why putting logo umbrellas in the hands of a huge number of potential customers can be beneficial


Practically everyone needs umbrellas. There are probably very few people in this country who don’t own at least a single umbrella. The high utility of these logo items will make sure that the umbrellas you distribute will get some incredible usage when people they’re distributed to will remember your logo.  Umbrellas are everyday staples that virtually everyone will need; very few people will simply toss aside an umbrella without using it.


Umbrellas will last for decades without wearing away. Thus your brand will get a lot of exposure during its impressive shelf life. You can print your company logo and a promotional message on these custom umbrellas and distribute to people in the community. It will ensure an effective marketing strategy that will last a long.


Whenever someone walks in the sun, the umbrella will enjoy a grand display in front of their eyes,. Thus the users will unconsciously be reading the message on the generous canopy. This proximity factor of umbrellas will enhance the brand visibility.  It simply becomes impossible to ignore whatever message on the top.

High utility

Umbrellas are everyday items  that are used quite frequently as well. Thus your logo and message printed on umbrellas will be easy for your recipients to recall.

Countless choices

Custom umbrellas are available in a wide range of models and price rates. Choose something interesting like hands free umbrellas or inverted umbrellas that will add a fun spin to ordinary umbrellas.


People may have multiple sets of umbrellas at home, office or on the go . Every time they go about their daily outdoor errands, your message on umbrellas will get a grand display. In addition, the recipients may also take umbrellas to a camping trip or on a vacation, where you’ll definitely find a use for it every morning.

Every time you take umbrellas to a new location, your message will reach  wider audience and will become aware of the company which sponsor these high value umbrellas

 Explore our complete line of custom umbrellas to choose a model that you wilk find interesting.

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