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Keep In Tune With The Latest Fall Fashion Trends In Umbrellas

Fall is a beautiful and enigmatic season with loads of surprises. Bright mornings, chilly and wet evenings and night showers will all make it a challenging task for everyone to stay weather proof. This is what makes custom umbrellas a great choice.  Fall is a wonderful opportunity for fashionistas to display a fashion statement while the marketers have a high visibility marketing tool at their disposal.

Every time when the sky opens and there is a drizzle, people often scurry indoors. However the right accessories like umbrellas offers a lot of interesting options for people to set up a cheerful wardrobe, wear bold colors and enjoy a fashion fiesta. You may have shopped for saggy clothes and wet boots for this wet season but might have overlooked the fact that umbrellas offer a lot of autumn hues and patterns that will gel well with the trend.

Here are some of the fashion trends that will help you to choose the best umbrellas for this season. No matter whether you plan to buy custom umbrellas as party favors or promotional items, these fashion tips will surely help you.

Bright colors are in vogue

Bright shades like indigo, green and blue are great for the dull and wet weather. Not just vibrant colors, but think of creative taglines and artwork that will enhance the mood of the day and pep up the users. Umbrellas make a subtle yet effective way to get your message out. Your prospects will always be seeing your brand right in their eye span and will automatically gravitate towards your brand over a period of time. You can even choose multi colored umbrellas or models with alternating panels to create a display of dazzling colors.

Lime Gingham 44 inch Arc Expressions Auto- Open Umbrellas  with Polka dot patterns is our favorite choice for the season.

Lime Gingham 44 inch Arc Expressions Auto- Open Umbrellas

Plaid design is another hot trend doing the rounds. Black / Modern / Plaid 44 inch Arc Expressions Auto- Open Umbrellas will make a smart addition to your weather wear items this season.

Black / Modern / Plaid 44 inch Arc Expressions Auto- Open Umbrellas

Fabrics for the Rain:

Polyester fabric is a great choice as these will retain its color clarity and sheen for a long time even in wet conditions. Nylon umbrellas like  44 Inch Arc Custom Auto-Open Folding Umbrellas  are also desirable options.

44 Inch Arc Custom Auto-Open Folding Umbrellas

Showers of the fall season gives a perfect excuse for marketers to consider umbrellas as their promotional items Choose from a range of beautiful patterns and bright colors to brighten up the wet soggy days while your brand  gets all the attention.

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