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Multiple Imprint Options in Custom Umbrellas  Ensure More Brand Visibility

Custom umbrellas are handouts with a high perceived value that offer more value for both your recipients and your promotional dollars.  Take a look at some of the eye popping features of custom umbrellas that has made it one of the most trusted handouts among marketers. Imprinted umbrellas are high utility and gender neutral gifts that can be effectively used in all types of business promotions and events.

l Full-Color Canopy Printing - Single Canopy

The large imprint area ranging from 20 -100 square inches ensure a dramatic display for your message. You can even get your logo or artwork imprinted on all panels for a 360 degree display. The umbrella when held high in the air will make your message well noticed even in crowded events. The innumerable colors, prints and sizes of umbrellas make it fairly simple to find a model that works well with your corporate identity.

Panel Prints

Though the standard imprint on a promotional umbrella is a print on one panel, you can get your message imprinted on multiple panels when you want more exposure.

Customized Full Color Fashion Umbrellas

Multi-color imprints

Multi-color imprints are also available on many custom printed umbrellas. However , most marketers prefer a single color imprint as it is usually easier to see and much more cost effective than multiple color imprints.

Inner Panel imprint

Another great option is inner panel imprints where only the person holding the umbrella can see the logo. Though it is less popular, it is a great choice for a more subtle advertisement for high value clients who might not find a large imprint on the outside of the umbrellas to be appropriate. The inner panel imprinting is a great marketing opportunity when you want to advertise to the user of the umbrella instead of people who  see the umbrella from afar.

Printed UnbelievaBrella™ Reverse Umbrellas

Handle imprint

Get your logo and message in plain sight of your audience without being intrusive with this elegant handle imprint method. Explore various  methods of  handle customization including laser engraving.  It is subtle way of talking about your brand , which might be more appreciated by the user.

Burgundy 42 inch Arc Spectrum Auto- Open Folding Umbrellas

Case imprint

When umbrellas include a case, the case will set a high visibility imprint location. The best part is that your logo imprinted on the case will be seen even when the umbrella is not in use and every time the users take out the umbrellas or keep it back in the case after use. It is also a subtle way of expressing your promotional message without being overwhelming.

Mini 37 inch Arc Travel Umbrellas w/ Case

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