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Unfold Your Message with Logo Umbrellas

If you’ve been looking for the perfect promotional item for your upcoming outdoor event look no further than custom umbrellas! It will make an ideal tool for getting your business in front of potential customers. They are useful, fun, and there is  even a massive imprint space for your logo and information. Let’s look at why custom umbrellas always work and how to make the most of them through this blog.

Brands of every genre including bars, banks, and casinos have been using umbrellas as their marketing tool for a long time. Versatile and highly practical, custom umbrellas are ideal to spread the word; you can also engage the audience and enhance brand exposure all at once.

Fully Customizable

Let custom umbrellas speak for your brand! Aside from your brand, you can add artwork and message on the canopy of the umbrellas. There’s no denying that customization is the key in making your promotion effective. So, come up with the most creative design and tagline to  impress the audience, and leave a lasting impression.

The massive canopy of umbrellas offers ample customization options. Marketers can choose to add their message on one panel, alternate panels or even on the whole umbrella depending on the tone of their promotion. In addition, you can even imprint your design on the inner canopy on the handle or even carry case- if you wish to have an understated branding. Options are all yours.  Thus branded umbrellas are highly customizable and come in different vibrant colors. Your target audience will surely love it!

Choose Multifunctional models

Umbrellas are an essential outdoor accessory for  everyone to stay safe from elements and UV rays and even to drive up their summer fashion style. However, umbrellas are  no longer plain and boring as you can even choose from multifunctional models like music umbrellas or cooler umbrellas with add-on features. These umbrellas not just add a fun spin to your branding but offer more utility and more brand visibility in the process.


Umbrellas are essential for homes, offices, and on the go. So, you can imagine the exposure your brand will get on these umbrellas wherever your recipients go. Be it during golf weekends, game days or on the streets, a well customized umbrella will indeed get a lot of attention.

 Planning to make custom umbrellas as promotional items? Browse our collection to choose a model that will suit your branding theme.

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