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Oversized umbrellas- think beyond the ordinary

When you need something extraordinary to pack a punch to your marketing campaign nothing can match the charm of these oversized custom umbrellas. The best part is that the advertisers can keep the customers cooler on a sunny day and help them grab the limelight in these stylish and oversized umbrellas that sweep the onlookers off their feet with their stunning looks and extraordinary beauty!

98 inch Custom Promotional Umbrellas

These large custom umbrellas would fit the bills of all those marketers who wish to gift a shade to their customers and make use of the large imprint area on the canopy. The bright and big canopies would cast a spell of magic in the minds of the customers in no time. Enjoy the imposing visibility of these vast logo imprinted umbrellas that are too bright and conspicuous to be missed out even from a distance. Hospitality, holiday, travel and other marketers can find great use of these custom oversized umbrellas! These massive umbrellas would ensure the maximum eyeballs for the advertisers and a pleasant time under the sun. These umbrellas are largely sought by marketers working in the highly competitive fields like hotels, motels and hospitality, which require extraordinary gift ideas to retain the customers and to build up a unique identity of their own. These giant umbrellas can make excellent giveaways during festivals and holiday season where people turn out on beaches and outdoors in large number.

These custom umbrellas are available in various budgets and the marketers can make their choice by analyzing their business requirements. These can be used as props and add-ons to enhance the beauty of a barren patch of land for landscape artists or homeowners as well.

82 inch Arc Vented Custom Logo Umbrellas

These oversized umbrellas are popular during crowded events like road shows where people love to stroll up to these towering umbrellas and lavish their attention on them. These are also ideal for crowded market places and beachfronts where ordinary business promotional themes may fail to stir up any interest. You can enjoy best pricing benefits by ordering these umbrellas in considerably large numbers at US Umbrellas.

Here are some of the bestsellers among oversized umbrellas, which will give an exponential branding advantage for your products.

82” arc vented custom logo umbrella is available in 5 colors and is made up of polyester fabric and windefyer vented canopy. This customized umbrella can be put up in sprawling outdoor venues which receive the highest number of visitors and still manage to grab their attention! Advertisers who are going all out to make their presence felt in the brand scene can customize these oversized umbrellas prior to installation to grab the attention of the swelling crowd.

86” arc custom promotional umbrellas Often off the beaten branding themes and gifting ideas would help you to make the last vital leap in pushing your brand ahead. Think beyond the superlatives and the worn out gift ideas to come up with something truly jaw dropping as the oversized umbrellas that would make the customers fall in love with these and your brand. Available in rainbow colors, these umbrellas come with added features such as windefyer vented canopy and polyester fabric, which makes them unique, light weight and strong for outdoor venues and market places.

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