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Outdoor patio umbrellas- how to choose the best

Patio umbrellas are fabulous options to enjoy the outdoor weather and to enhance the utility and value of your home or business space. An ideal patio umbrella can protect you from the UV rays of the sun without robbing you off the fun of a day out in the open with your friends or family.

Durable 7 ft Custom Patiocafe Umbrella w 5 Colors

Custom outdoor patio umbrellas have evolved from being functional accessories to hard hitting fashion statements for most business and home owners these days. Patio umbrellas add up to the character and beauty of any patio and make the space lively and fun filled.

There are dime a dozen custom umbrellas and here are some useful tips to choose the one that suits your needs.

9 ftx8 Panel Patio Umbrellas With Crank w 4 Colors

Durability counts
Custom patio umbrellas aluminum stand are quite popular for their durability and features. The light weight and rust free aluminum stand provides stability to a patio umbrella even in windy conditions. Marketers can ensure instant appreciation from their customers by installing colorful patio umbrellas imprinted with their logos and supported by the stylish aluminum stand, which is available in various finishes that can go well with any décor. Though personalized patio umbrellas aluminum stand could be a bit costlier, it is worth every penny as it holds the much invested patio umbrellas in place. The best part is that you can opt for unique features like automatic tilting to get the maximum visual effect. No matter whether you are looking for a stylish umbrella for your trade stall, your sidewalk café or a hotel poolside, stay safe with these heavy duty performers that keep your patio umbrellas always steady.

Good things come in plus sizes
Stand out of the crowd with a staggering size with our all time favorite, the 100” large ten panel custom patio umbrella , which is sure to earn you a few astonished looks. The sleek fiberglass frame system, adjustable tilt system, push up lift, 100 inch arc diameter, 10 panel umbrella and flat bottom pole are some of the unique features of this patio umbrella. You can imprint your logo on this patio umbrella and makes good options for promotional campaigns of insurance companies, caterers, restaurants, wedding planners, electrical manufacturing units, mobile food trucks, etc. Available in a bevy of attractive colors like forest green, navy blue, red and royal blue colors, these make the best eye level billboard for your business promotion and branding campaigns. The massive imprint area of 18″W x 4″H on flap would ensure the best visibility you could ask for! Why try to fit in when your brand was born to stand out?

Café umbrellas- the last word in beauty
Durable 7 ft custom patio/ cafe umbrella with 5 colors towers over and grabs instant attention even in busy streets. Café umbrellas add dramatic charm to the marketing campaign and are employed with success by businesses which have to face tougher competition to attract customers. This logo imprinted promotional patio/cafe umbrella available in various delightful colors including Hunter black, royal blue, white and red colors is a popular brand building tool for cafes, outdoor restaurants, cafeterias, pizzerias, catering units and hotels. The fiberglass ribs make it stronger and well adept in coping with strong windy conditions. A study conducted in the University of Miami, suggests that a fiberglass outdoor umbrella can withstand a wind speed of up to 50mph. This stylish polyester umbrella is light weight and manageable though it is stronger than most café umbrellas. Attract a steady stream of customers to your café or spa by hosting these attractive café umbrellas which would surely lure the customers to sit up and to notice your brand and products!

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