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Pantone Matching for Your Promotional Umbrellas in 2014

Pantone color matching for your promotional umbrellas in 2014 is going to be whole new experience with Pantone announcing its spring color theme 2014. Many may argue that these themes work best for fashion industry and lifestyle related niches, however the same rubs for brand building, too. The new color palette announced by pantone is influenced with the current trends and you can make best use of it for highlighting your brand themes over umbrellas.

  1. Dazzling Blue – (PANTONE 18-3949)
    Works best for all those technical marketers and newbie marketers on the business scene, who feel some hue of blue is always best for pushing their brand themes. It would look perfect over pretty shade of pink umbrella or a crisp white umbrella.
  2. Violet Tulip – (PANTONE 16-3823)
    Romantic, sweet and lovely! This means it will work the best over umbrellas, which you are considering for personal gifting. We’d suggest try violet tulip imprints on light colored parasols or compact umbrellas, which you wish to gift away during weddings.
  3. Radiant Orchid – (PANTONE 18-3224)
    Rich, regal, romantic…………….oh la la la! This is the exact feeling that flashes the mind, whenever they see anyone wearing a dress in radiant orchid hue.  You can evoke a tone of surprise by gifting away a navy blue umbrella imprinted with brand credential in radiant orchid or over metallic colored umbrella.
  4. Celosia Orange  – ( PANTONE 17-1360)
    Its lively and a real fun to have it in your branding theme. It can add pizzazz to your campaign!
  5. Freesia – (PANTONE 14-0852)
    Great choice for spring promotions. It exudes warmth, fun and festive splendor. You can use it over blue or other dark color umbrellas. People are going to love it for long time to come.
  6. Cayenne – (PANTONE 18-1651)
    Makes a very pretty choice for accentuations when teamed with warm and friendly colors such as beige or peach. This means you can try it over a beige color umbrella or a peach color umbrella, which you are considering for gifting on your next campaign.
  7. Placid Blue – (PANTONE 15-3920)
    Absolutely chic and serene member on the list. You can team this versatile shade with any color and it will definitely show up against it. Good choice, if you wish to retain interests of your customers for long time.  Try it with soft colors such as beige or peach.
  8. Paloma – (PANTONE – 160000)
    Wish to build confidence around the brand, then go for it without second thoughts. A neutral color, which can be chosen against any customizable umbrella.
  9. Sand – (PANTONE – 15-1225)
    Sand is a perfect neutral shade, which will work with any colored umbrella. It is extremely versatile and adds warmth to your branding efforts.
  10. Hemlock – (PANTONE – 15-6114)
    It perfectly strikes symphony with your chosen color and keep inspiring people around. All green thinking businesses and individuals can use it for highlighting their special business message or even underlining their brand credentials.

We wish you a happy branding with promotional umbrellas by using any of the above mentioned pantone 2014 colors.

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