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Tips for Choosing Best Promotional Umbrellas for Your Business

Logoed promotional umbrellas have been around for long time, then what is this big deal about them? You need to be careful with them as with any other promotional product, which you expect to deliver long term returns. Here are some factors, which you need to consider seriously, if you expect to round off maximum benefits from your logo imprinted promotional umbrella.

  • Purpose – You may consider an umbrella for gifting or employ them as your billboard during promotional events such as at tradeshow booths, road shows, etc. Once you are clear about this part the rest process will go smoothly. You can search the vendors ( online or offline) who offer you best pricing for the table top umbrellas or promotional giveaway umbrellas offered to visitors, customers and donors during promotional events.
  • Sizes – This factor is dependable on your purpose. Bigger umbrellas, standard sized umbrellas and compact umbrellas are the main sizes of umbrellas used for promotional purposes.

    Golf umbrellas, patio umbrellas, market umbrellas are the bigger sized umbrellas and they can accommodate 3-5 people at a time.

    Standard umbrellas are the regular standard sized umbrellas that are sought for giveaways during promotional events. They can cover maximum 2 adults at a time and you can avail them in different budget ranges, too.

    Compact umbrellas are handy, foldable umbrellas, which you can easily contain within your bags or purses or pockets.

  • Colors – They are largely decided by your niche colors, personal preferences, and theme of the season. You can always decide upon, which colors can highlight your branding themes the best.  Check it with suppliers about the imprint colors offered for various umbrellas and how they can be mapped with your brand themes.
  • Target Audience – This is again connected to your purpose. It all depends on whom you want to attract. If you are targeting wide section of audience without any specifics, then it is better to go for market umbrellas, patio umbrellas, and other larger umbrellas because they act as mobile billboards. If you are trying hard to win hearts as you go, then standardized umbrellas are a good catch. If you are trying to create strong impressions with particular audience such as golf fans or golfers, then it is better to stick with golf umbrellas. If you are targeting wedding guests, then parasols or personalized umbrellas are good and so on……….
  • Budget – This is always a prime concern for any marketer or investor, who are trying to maximize their gifting potential and you aren’t going to be different either. You can always check with suppliers about wholesale rates for promotional umbrellas (assuming that you are not going to buy it for personal use!).  Buying wholesale umbrellas from a reputed online umbrella store is worth considering because huge discounts can be availed on bulk orders. Request a quote from at least 3-5 reputed online umbrella suppliers for knowing special pricing benefits and savings that you can make on such orders.

Remember by investing in a promotional umbrella, you are actually getting involved with long term brand building.

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