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All You Wanted to Know About a Market Umbrella

Have you ever thought why marketers are going crazy about hosting those giant market umbrellas at crowded market places? Because it shades their campaign and shelters their customers! Lot many people think that this type of custom umbrella offers shelter from sun, winds and rain, whereas there is more to it.7 ft Wood Square Promotional Market Umbrella w/ 5 Colors

A market umbrella acts the same way as any larger-than-life billboard installed on roadways or crowded marketplaces. And the plus point is that they appear more lively and friendlier than their larger than life counterparts and offer long term benefits in comparison. Here’s how it adds to your brand value, popularity and customer line.

  • Who uses a market umbrella?
    This type of shade is extremely popular with food marketers such as restaurants, pizzerias, take-away joints, sandwich joints, hotels, and beach accommodations. They work well for smaller (yet big value) businesses such as barber shops, bookstores, craft stores, etc. It is innovative, affordable and value-effective way of announcing that you are always there to serve your customers.
  • How does it help?
    As indicated before, it offers shelter and protection from heavy rains and harsh sunshine. It covers larger area than your regular personal umbrella and offers shelter to couple of people at a time. At times a market umbrella is employed as a landscape beautifier and it is valued for its ability to convert a barren or dull landscape in a fun heaven. Also, it becomes a great host on a sunny day, when anyone wishes to spend some quality time with their family at a restaurant or café.
  • What all you need to look in a market umbrella?
    While choosing market umbrella/market umbrellas you need to look for its construction material, proper placement in your courtyard or patio and opening. Most of the market umbrellas don’t have valance, but they come with a double canopy. The absence of a valence makes it easier to move around the canopy. As most outdoor market umbrellas possesses a thicker wooden pole with double or single pulley opening system.  Even some are offered with pre-wired lighting for night usage.
  • What makes a market umbrella special than its known benefits?
    Huge canopy, mesmerizing color profile, sheltering facility, entertaining capabilities are all discussed before, but portability is another factor, which makes it even more appealing. You can easily dismantle huge canopy umbrellas and set up in other place.  This feature lure marketers and families who wish to utilize their market umbrella to maximum benefits.
  • What are the options available with market umbrellas?
    Market umbrellas can be availed in different aesthetic shapes such as circular, rectangular, triangular, and square and different sizes, too.  You can avail these market umbrellas in different pleasing colors, depending on the target audience, existing furniture, budget, and overall décor of the place. Also, you can buy them in different quality fabrics depending on your ideas about its utilization. Don’t forget to check for tilting option, which allows you to arrange the shade depending on the position of sun.

There always lot more to add to market umbrellas than you can think and we can answer. This space will be updated will be updated with market umbrella specials from time to time, stay tuned to know more.

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