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A Big Outlook on Large Patio Umbrellas

Living outdoors was always considered a jollified activity and it was practiced largely by our ancestors who settled in the country centuries ago and battled the insecurity of rustic and cramped living spaces. Today, many Americans are coming out of their comfortable and luxurious air conditioned rooms to enjoy the nature and spend quality time with their family. Going by trends, most of these outdoor lovers are heavily investing in large patio umbrellas over others.  The increase in demand for bigger patio tables hosting 12-16 people have also triggered need for patio umbrellas that measure 11-13 feet in length or more.6.5 Ft Vinyl Customized Patio Umbrella w/ 13 Colors

If you are planning to get one biggie patio umbrella for your backyard, then here are some quick guidelines you should consider.

  1. Need – The choice of shade will entirely depend how dearly you love your family and friends. Look for larger shades if you have a big family and friends to host. Don’t forget to consider the space constraints and other outdoor limitations, while making the choice.
  2. Placement – The next big thing to consider after revaluing your needs and judging your investing decision is about placement of these big umbrellas. A regular custom umbrella easily mixes up with the environment and fulfills your sheltering needs, whereas it takes a little patience to decide where you exactly want to host your large shade umbrella. If you have decided to host these large shades for shade spot not over table, then consider surroundings as your reference spot.  Walls, luxurious hot tubs, or foliages nearby patio will ruin the show and altogether kill the purpose of hosting. For finding its true purpose, it is always suggested to keep 2-3 clearance from the edges of umbrella.
  3. Wood or Aluminum? – The divide may widen with personal preferences, however both offer gamut of benefits. If you are trying to match your wooden furniture, then it is better to go with wooden patio umbrellas crafted with redder and darker hardwood. Go for aluminum patio umbrellas if you are trying to match them with metal furniture. Aluminum patio umbrellas can be availed in several finishes. An aluminum patio umbrella with wooden finish is perfect for those who are looking a cusp of aluminum and wood. Aluminum umbrella is perfect for high windy areas, whereas wooden ones are also tested to show some defense to such environment. Wooden stands may decay with time, whereas aluminum stands have larger resistance and serve longer. Wooden umbrellas work best with lush green vegetations and thick foliages, while aluminum umbrellas are suited for modern outdoors with fewer plants.A Big Outlook on Large Patio Umbrellas
  4. Tilt or Non Tilting – Larger patio umbrellas may or may not have tilts, you have to make the choice depending on your purpose. The tilting mechanism is usually proposed for lighter standard 9ft patio umbrellas or 11 ft patio umbrellas, where the weight of canopy is managed by it. Non- titling patio umbrellas are recommended for commercial usage because such umbrellas possess larger canopies, thicker, bigger and heavy ribs, which adds to the frame and weight of tilt may topple it.
  5. Fabric – It is always recommended to seek waterproof fabric, if you wish to enjoy rains outdoors with your family. Enquire about UV protection, mildew-and-mold resistance, too.
  6. Management – A larger patio umbrella means larger shade and treasured family moments isn’t it? What about maintenance? You can clean and manage huge umbrellas on installation spot, for larger ones, you can always take professional help.
  7. Storage – Large shades represent that big picture of happy and jolly family, but it can be bit greasy, if you are scouting the storage space. So, you should arrangement for dry and cool storage space for your larger umbrellas during wet autumns and teeth cracking winters.

You are your best critic and judge – this means only your preferences and choices will aid while choosing an apt patio umbrella for your backyard.

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