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Promotional Umbrellas – A Shade Above The Rest!

Custom umbrellas are the best items to advertise your business. Be it in summer, rain or winter, people find umbrellas reassuring to stay safe from hostile weather elements. Even in pleasant weather, umbrellas are used as style accessories to match the dressing style and to add a pop of color. Though umbrellas were originally designed as symbols of royalty and nobility, at present these have evolved to be fashion accessories, photo props and even marketing items.

46 Inch Arc Custom Logo Executive Umbrellas w/ 4 Colors

Umbrellas have incredible potential as branding tools thanks to its massive imprint area and brilliant color choices. People use umbrellas on the sidelines of the sports field, outdoor cafes, picnics and beach parties. The versatility and beauty of custom umbrellas make it fit into any promotional context with ease. Anything imprinted on umbrellas will never get overlooked as these bold and multi sided logo items make overpowering promotional handouts that scream your message to everyone who happens to see them.

 Umbrellas offer shade

Umbrellas can turn your outdoor favorite spots like garden or patio to a shaded and welcoming area to relax and chill out in summer. Put it any nice looking place like your store front or street corner and they make a great place to advertise. Some umbrellas even come with a carrying case that makes it easy for them to haul around bigger models like golf umbrellas.

Umbrellas double up as tents

Umbrellas can be turned into party tents during wedding receptions, milestone celebrations, holiday parties and more. Choose from a range of bewitching colors that will make heads turn and personalize them with your brand and message to make it your most potent advertising tool to promote events, make announcements and spread the word. These items not just provide shade and make a cozy spot for everyone but will put your brand and message on a panoramic display. Standard umbrellas often change hands at times of needs and during bad weather conditions and your brand will earn a highly receptive secondary audience in the process.

Umbrellas are useful and practical items that have a purpose.  No matter whether you use golf umbrellas in the greens or market umbrellas around your business, these brollies will grab easy attention and keep your customers safe from weather elements.

Umbrellas offer the best value for your money

Umbrellas are well retained by the recipients,which means that your promotional dollars get more value. These are daily use items that people use many times a day and put your brand on a wide display in front of a fresh audience every time.  The more the promotional items are used the more will be your brand impressions.

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