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Promotional Umbrellas-Massive Canvas To Show Off Your Branding

Custom umbrellas make a big and bold blank canvas for your brand; a walking talking billboard for your business! Make use of the generous imprint area to highlight your brand and message; choose colors to complement your brand and you are all set to impress.

With so much use, it is no surprise that custom umbrellas generate an average of 1,100 impressions over their lifetime. When you need an effective promotional item, an umbrella is a perfect choice. While not many people may be keen to walk around with a flashy billboard of your business they may not have any qualms to use a stylish umbrella bearing your brand.

Personalized umbrellas are great gifts

There may be a long list of fun and interesting promotional items to choose from. But if you are looking for a crowd pleaser, look no further than custom umbrellas. Stylish and functional, umbrellas are so practical that they won’t get shoved to the bottom of the closet and forgotten about.

Choose a style that matches your occasion

Telescopic umbrellas come in a range of colors and can be used in color themed events and activities. Designed to stand up the wind, telescopic umbrellas make a reliable item for everyday use. If you are looking for custom umbrellas for a specific demographic like say golf lovers or outdoorsy clients, choose golf umbrellas or patio umbrellas. Offered in a wide range of colors and sizes, these fashion forward umbrellas are not just seen in the golf greens or beaches; but fit the needs of a lively bunch of people on the road with just one umbrella!

60 Inch Arc Custom Printed Golf Umbrellas

Looking for something smoking hot fashionable? Place your bets on custom inversion umbrellas that are designed to keep people dry even when they get in and out of the car on a rainy day. Umbrellas will keep your brand right on top of the minds of your audience. The best part your message will be popped up overheads as your recipients s use it on the roads, beach events and fairs. Custom umbrellas make high utility custom gifts that spread smiles even in bad weather and keep your audience feel well assured and safe.

Promotional 46 Inch Arc Telescopic Inversion Folding Umbrellas

Speaker umbrellas is another brilliant choice to consider. Crank up the playlists and keep the bad weather blues at bay with these innovative umbrellas that double up as a speaker and cooler. Great for outdoor parties, picnics and camping, these umbrellas will make sure that the party fever is not sniffed out even on a wet and soggy day. Put your brand on and see how these logo items will get the attention of everyone around. People may even love to talk about these combo umbrellas that are  not just designed to keep the heads dry but the musical ears full.

6 Ft Promotional Umbrella with High Stand Cooler and Speakers

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