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Special Price Offer For White & Black 60 Inch arc Golf Umbrellas- Make Your Tee Sessions Better!

It goes without saying that a rainy day can ruin your golf plans, your outfit, and your mood. Let not rain and dampness put a wet blanket on your golf day plans. Golf is a game that enjoys incredible popularity among every genre of audience and golf umbrellas make a perfect handout to reach out to the golfing community. The best part is that these versatile and popular handouts will get a mandate even from those who do not play golf.

Personalized White & Black 60 inchArc Golf Umbrellas

Check out these attractive 60” arc golf umbrellas in classic monochrome color pattern. The special price offer will give you yet another reason for you to shop for these budget beating promotional items that will make the world outside to pause and take a closer look at your brand and message. Personalized White & Black 60 inch Arc Golf Umbrellas will look great in the greens and in the hands of your recipients during picnics, outdoor events or even on a regular working day. The affordable price tag will make it a great corporate gift for businesses to promote all types of brands.

The alternating white and black panels will create an interesting pattern and set a creative canvas to place your brand or message. The powerful contrasting color dominations over its massive canopy will easily grab the attention of even the most incurious people around.

Notable Features

Large white and black 60” arc canopy: That will keep the users safe from the shower or sun in the greens. It can even hold the golf bag and the caddy safe underneath its massive canopy!

Strong metal shaft and sturdy wooden handle: Will make these umbrellas a great choice for the high wind conditions of the sprawling golf greens and make it more reliable. The wooden handle ensures  a retro twist to the design and makes it more lightening resistant.

Imprint area – 10″ W x 6″ H.: Utilize this massive canvas to put your brand and message on a proud parade and make heads turn.

Imprint colors: You can choose from single, double or triple imprint colors to make your brand and message truly pop!

Versatile: This umbrella can be used to promote all types of branding events and occasions. The budget friendly features of these umbrellas make it a true winner during mass events like tradeshows or business events.

Make the best use of the special price offer and shop in bulk for the upcoming events and corporate golf weekends and make your brand the talk of the town literally!

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