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Totes umbrellas – Product spotlight

Umbrellas are made to last long, look good and above all ensure protection against weather elements. If you have a diverse audience of all age groups and demographics, totes umbrellas will make a great choice to consider because these are light weight and easy to carry.   Packed down, totes umbrellas weigh less and occupy only a small space, which makes it a great choice for travel and everyday use.

 Everyone will simply fall head over heels for these compact umbrellas that are offered in a range of color choices and sizes that range from the handy daily use umbrellas to the massive golf umbrellas and everything in between.

Why you’ll love it

Totes umbrellas are light weight, easy to carry and above all budget friendly, which makes it a great marketing tool for start-up companies and budget marketers. These well made little umbrellas are great for promoting your brand and spreading your word. When not in use, it collapses down to measure just 11 inches to make it fit into the dashboard, cabinet or drawer. Though small and handy , these  umbrellas will keep your head and shoulders dry, which further enhances the popularity of these logo items.

Offered in a range of sizes and colors, these umbrellas will make a handy custom gift for marketers to promote their brand or special deals. These will make great tradeshow handouts and employee appreciation gifts as well.

Four Seasons 42 inch Arc Totes® Auto Open Folding Umbrellas: This water proof umbrella will make a great handout for marketers who wish to spread their message to a wider audience. Choose from a range of brilliant colors and leave a lasting impression. The generous canopy imprint area will give you ample space to position your brand, artwork or tagline. If you are looking for a golf size umbrella, Four Seasons 55 inch Arc Totes® Golf Size Auto Open Folding Umbrella will make a great choice. This umbrella can be easily seen from distance due to its extra large canopy and typical designs. Put your brand on a wide display on these custom umbrellas.

Personalized Four Seasons 42 inch Arc Totes® Auto Open Folding Umbrellas

60 Arc Totes ® Stormbeater™ Golf Stick Umbrellas are employed by sports marketers during game days and golf events. Marketers can always hand it over to their employees or regular business clients to get their business messages around.

Pros: Very low cost, compact, lightweight umbrellas with hydrophobic canopy, which makes it a great promotional gift for all types of events and campaigns.

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