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Walk the Talk with Custom Umbrellas

Umbrellas are undeniably one of the most versatile marketing tools around as it will fit any marketing plan with ease.

Printed umbrellas make value added custom giveaways to your clients or employees and can even be perfect additions to your bar or restaurant display. No matter how you wish to utilize the promotional potential of umbrellas, you will find a perfect model to suit your needs.

High visibility display boards

These self-standing umbrellas can also be used to communicate product detail as in-store display advertisements. Available in various models, colors and sizes, custom umbrellas will easily catch customers’ eyes. They even make excellent point of sale marketing displays that will scream out your brand and engage the audience with your message.Made from high-quality material, custom umbrellas exhibit outstanding strength and durability. Ideal to use for long term outdoor promotions, these will make a long lasting and tangible reminder for your brand.

Make use of the generous canopy to place your logo and message that will complement your promotional theme. Thanks to its portability, you can easily use umbrellas in different venues and event settings. Umbrellas can be printed with ongoing deals, limited offers, and other promotional messages. Moreover these colorful umbrellas will never fail in attracting more customers to your shop.

Umbrellas will never stop talking to your customers about your brand, so that you dont have to! Just put printed umbrellas at  table tops or even entry points and get your message across. Apart from making a great formal introduction of your brand, umbrellas will also engage the crowd with your message in a subtle yet effective way. Customers will easily take a closer look at these patio umbrellas every time they pass by or sit at the patio. Thus umbrellas will make a convenient yet effective way to communicate with them.

Highlight New Promotional Products or Deals

Beach umbrellas are a great model to consider announcing new products, services, or deals. It will inspire the hesitant customers to give your products a try. These are indeed great promotional items that can serve as quick alerts and announce information on discount deals or special offers. Guests will certainly find custom umbrellas truly engaging.

Keep Up With Seasonal Trends

Seasonal marketing is a proven winner in marketing campaigns. Umbrellas enjoy all year round purpose and hence can be used in all types of seasonal events. It will indeed open more opportunities for your brand while piquing pique the interest of customers, thereby  generating more leads and sales throughout the year.

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