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What are Top Outdoor Umbrellas and How to Choose One For Your Business?

Aluminum 6 ft 6 Panel Custom Market Umbrella

Investing in outdoor umbrellas is perfect way to promote your business and bring loyal customers. They are variously known as market umbrellas, patio umbrellas and beach umbrellas. By choosing the right kind of umbrella, you can enhance the outreach of your business. Here are top outdoor umbrellas and you can choose the one for your business by learning their specialties –

  • Wooden Market Umbrellas These umbrellas are legendary and have been a peculiar feature of Italian and Parisian sidewalk cafes. These umbrellas can add a rustic touch to any outdoor space and they attract with their natural splendor. Many of these umbrellas are costlier than lightweight aluminum market umbrellas and are not preferred choice, if you are looking for temporary shading. Although they are available in wide range of material choices, but teak market umbrellas getting popular because they are wind, water and storm resistant. These teak market umbrellas possess natural brown honey color, which is appealing from a distance. With their timber furniture settings, wooden market umbrellas easily become IT Choice for marketers who are trying to buy attention with their creative efforts.
  • Aluminum Market Umbrellas These are known as Cafe Style umbrellas and are popularly sought by cafes, restaurants and hotels to promote their business. They are easily visible from distance due to their octagonal shape and offer maximum coverage. These are lighweight and easy to manage than wooden market umbrellas. These umbrellas are durable, sturdy and rust-free, which means your umbrella can easily enjoy years of service. They are equipped with features such as automatic tilting and electronic push button, which makes them extremely customer-friendly. They can be used for highlighting your vast premises and make a fun equipped choice for poolside parties.
  • Garden Umbrellas or Patio Umbrellas Garden umbrellas have graced gardens and outdoor spaces for years. They are either hold as a table centerpiece or held on stand. These umbrellas are perfect for promoting garden restaurants because it all looks very romantic. It also suits main hotels at tourist destinations, trying to attract youth and holidaying crowd.
  • Fiberglass Wind Resistant Frame Umbrellas Fiberglass wind resistant frame umbrellas are gaining popularity over wind aluminum and wooden umbrellas because they are light in weight and wind resistant. These umbrellas are popular with marketers operating in areas with high windy weather. These umbrellas can flex to 50 mph and regain its original shape.
  • Offset Patio Umbrellas Popularly known as garden umbrellas, these are popular with homestays and other individual hospitality accommodations, trying to create their mark. These umbrellas are also favored by homeowners. These are usually designed to shade large areas and they can be easily installed at one side or offset from central location. These are also becoming a common sight near hot tubs, pool areas and children play areas, etc. You can avail them in multitude of colors.

The choice of right kind of promotional umbrella will depend on your business, budget, surroundings, and personal preferences. You can make the most from any of these outdoor umbrellas by getting them imprinted with your brand logo or business information, prior to installation.

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