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Welcome Rains the Royal Way with Custom Umbrellas

June 3, 2014 – As every year, Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II welcomed 8000 guests to her annual Summer Garden party at the Buckingham Palace Gardens. Punctuated by fashion, social chats, drinks, food and exchanging pleasantries, this event was one to remember like yesteryears. The elegance and finesse of the event took a slight beating when torrential rains transcended during the event. Members of the royal family led by Queen braved heavy precipitation to welcome guests by holding colorful umbrellas above their heads. These fashionable and colorful custom umbrellas, not only kept them dry, but also highlighted their silhouettes and encouraged them to meet all their guests with their royal endearing smiles. Do you wish to welcome rains the royal way? Do you wish to engage your prospects, guests, clients, and customers the royal way without overspending? Here you go-

Custom 48 inch Bubble Umbrellas Closely mimicking the Queen’s bubble see through yellow umbrella that she matched with her yellow Angela Kelly outfit, this umbrella is sure to leave best memories of a sodden outing to anyone who uses it. This umbrella makes a picture perfect gifting choice during bridal showers and for wedding favors.

Custom Promo Umbrellas

Custom 46 Inch Shelter Pod Dome Shaped Vinyl Umbrellas Duchess of Cornwall is largely criticized for her fashion tastes. However, this time, she played it safe by following in footsteps of Queen. This custom 46-inch shelter pod dome shaped vinyl umbrella is a distant clone of the see through umbrella that Duchess carried through the annual summer garden party in 2014.

46 Inch Arc Custom Shelter Pod Dome Shaped Vinyl Umbrellas

Cotton Executive Umbrellas Prince Philip was at his jovial best while carrying a large sturdy black umbrella with curved wooden handle. You can ape his style more eco-consciously by seeking this custom cotton executive umbrella in burgundy color. This eco-friendly umbrella features a curved wooden handle and cotton fabric canopy, which can withstand harsh weather with ease. You can feel confident and at your wittiest best by carrying umbrella the la Prince Phillip way!

Apart from the above-mentioned umbrellas, following are some other umbrellas, which attracted attention throughout the event.

48 Inch Arc Custom Cotton Executive Umbrellas

Customized Black & Yellow 42 inch Arc Printed Umbrellas White alternated panels or black alternated panel umbrellas were public favorite during this summer party. People were seen carrying lots of alternated panels, which added rosy hues to the event!

Customized Black Yellow 42Arc Printed Umbrellas

Gorgeous Umbrellas As usual and expected many public members and distant royals preferred to stick by gorgeous colored umbrellas such as pink, violet, red, green, blue, black, and yellow with somewhat silky canopies. These umbrellas never go out of fashion because silky and colorful always trigger passion.

Personalized Pink 41 Arc Manual Folding Umbrellas

Verdict – The Summer Party 2014 Umbrella Fashion was punctuated with bubble umbrellas bearing clear canopies, matching bright colored tapered ends, ferrules and handles as well as black or white alternate colored panel umbrellas.

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