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Which Custom Umbrellas are Suited for Gifting on Different Occasions?

On visiting any popular online store selling custom umbrellas, you may see vast collection of them in different shapes, sizes, colors, price range, etc. If you are puzzled about which one to use or gift on different occasions, then read through this blog.

Which Custom Umbrellas are Suited for Gifting on Different Occasions?

  • If you wish to wow vast demographics of your customer segment
    If you are adamant about vowing vast demographics including people of all age groups, then feel free to go with custom folding umbrellas. People have special affinity towards such umbrellas because it offers them large coverage space over heads, still remains easily manageable within bags, purses or pockets. These umbrellas can be availed in different colors and imprint options; you just need to make the choice as per the requirement.
  • If you wish to attract sports enthusiasts
    If you are a sports marketer or targeting sports buffs in this season, then it is best to opt for promotional golf umbrellas. These umbrellas are not only larger than regular folding umbrella, but they also offer large visibility to your business logo. These umbrellas can hold couple of people at a time. It is best to gift them during sports events such as golf matches, golf club anniversaries or any such equally important event.
  • If you are trying to thank wedding guests
    If you are trying to thank wedding guests for their participation, then perhaps you might be a bride groom or someone from the bridal or grooms party. If you are a bride or someone representing her, then feel free to gift away personalized parasols. You can avail them in multiple colors and choose the one, which meets your personal preferences or matches with the theme of the wedding. You can also opt for folding umbrellas or mini umbrellas or kids umbrellas (if you are expecting lots of kiddies). White and bubble umbrellas are also popular with the masses because they depict serenity.
  • If you are trying to build your brand in harsh weather
    Marketers who are trying to build their brand in harsh weather can employ something as strong as anti wind umbrellas for value building. These umbrellas offer strong protection against winds or harsh weather and lend great visibility to business messages.
Apart from gifting, you can utilize customized umbrellas for value building during promotional events or on other days. For eg: Market umbrellas /patio umbrellas are largely used by marketers to recreate their outdoor spaces into comfort zone or to attract prospective customers to their business. These umbrellas are larger in size and offer great visibility to such businesses. Similarly beach umbrellas are used by marketers with hotels and other hospitality services near beach to attract customers to their business.
Choosing the right kind of umbrella for an occasion helps to make the right impact on masses and improved relationships always helps in long run.
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