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What is the Right Place to Display Logos on Promotional Umbrellas?

Promotional umbrellas offer great choices for marketers to promote their brand name. It brings them easy brand exposure at minimum efforts. When people who have received logo imprinted custom umbrella move out, they are gonna to proudly display the logo over their heads. Now here comes the question, where should this logo be imprinted for maximum exposure?

What is the Right Place to Display Logos on Promotional Umbrellas?

Many may say it should go over the canopy of the umbrella. It is obviously a big canvas for marketers who are trying to show their logo large and impressive. However, they don’t understand the logo imprinted on the top may be missed out due to visual disturbances in weather or due to some other reason. While most people who are carrying a custom umbrella may walk in rains and stop to exchange pleasantries with their acquaintances, but it is not necessary that those people put their feet up to check the logo or take extra efforts to notice text written over the umbrella. However, the canopy top is still a very good place to imprint your logo.
Umbrellas with curved canopies and with rib separations offer several opportunities for positioning a logo with great visual prominence. Marketers can use the section between two consecutive ribs to imprint their logo. Whether they wish to use the same imagery over the other rib or anywhere else is totally their discretion. The imagery of the umbrella should be extremely subtle and very impressive. Over imprinting may kill the purpose.
For marketers who wish to get little personal and closer to their intended customers can always utilize the areas such as handle and shaft for imprinting their logos. As, these places receive maximum attention, whenever a user opens the umbrella.  As said before the space over canopy is largely preferred by marketers for imprinting their logo because it offers easy visibility to others. However, marketers can choose to pamper their customers by imprinting logo or some slogans underneath the canopy. The regular vision of this logo will create profound effect on the owner and they will take your brand more seriously than before.
By utilizing all possible areas on a custom umbrella, marketers should ensure that they are aptly mapping the benefits of a promotional merchandise campaigns.
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