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What Do Customers and Marketers Look in a Promotional Umbrella Item?

An imprinted promotional umbrella becomes a true extension of your business with its high utility value and impact. Sheltering is the prime responsibility of any such umbrella. However, customers and marketers may have different expectations from these promotional umbrellas. Let’s see what they could be in respect with a customer and marketer.

What Do Customers and Marketers Look in a Promotional Umbrella Item?

  • Purpose: While seeking an umbrella for advertising, a marketer definitely thinks highly about a purpose. He may see around a vast collection of umbrellas of different shapes, sizes and purposes, but the choices are made as per his requirement for a certain campaign. Suppose a hotel or motel trying to stand distinct in a crowded place may install a colorful market umbrella outside their business or a retailer trying to grab easy appreciation from their targeted prospects may opt for folding umbrellas or golf umbrellas, etc.
  • Affordability: This is proportional to a budget and marketers can make their choices depending on money in their pocket. While choosing a particular umbrella for marketing, they might be bothered about its affordability during the campaign. They would be specific about checking the best buy prices, discounts or other value savings offered.
  • Retention Value: It is definite that most marketers who are seeking imprinted umbrellas for marketing know that they last longer than notepads, pens or anything else that they have ever gifted. By choosing the right kind of umbrellas they can ensure that these umbrellas are retained by their targeted customers for long time.
  • Quality: This is a high priority because a weak and meek umbrella may add to list of miseries and marketers may end up losing their money and face value.
  • Quality: Here it may mean, if the umbrella is serving its purpose of offering shelter above heads.  Is it windproof, UV safe, environment friendly….?
  • Color: It may or may not be same with different people. Going by trends, women have more preference for warm colors as compared to men. Men love to go for dark colors because they make them appear serious and fashionable at the same time.
  • Fashion: Most customers carrying the umbrellas over their heads think about it in fashion sense. Some may be conscious about carrying extra large umbrellas over their heads, whereas others may prefer a particular umbrella because it looks credible with most clothes in their wardrobe.
  • Environment Friendliness: This is perhaps the raising concern with most customers who wish to ensure that they are only accepting environment friendly gifts rather than cheaper ones. This is why there is huge demand for recycled umbrellas than before.
The customer expectations offer wide scope for consideration and some may be unrealistic beyond imagination. Those above mentioned are some of the relevant points that most customers and marketers look in custom umbrellas employed for marketing.
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