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Why Custom Umbrellas Are A Marketing Mainstay?

Umbrellas trace their origin to days of the yore, when it was a symbol of prestige, power or celebrations. Today, umbrellas have become more functional and fun accessories that people use daily in their lives. But have you ever thought about the promotional potential of custom umbrellas in your marketing campaigns seriously?

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Here are some of the features of umbrellas that make it a promotional mainstay.

Highly practical

Umbrellas are without doubt, essential items that not many people can do away with. Even in this world of advancing technologies, umbrellas continue to be the only way to stay safe from the vagaries of nature (atleast till this moment when we are writing this blogJ), which is what makes umbrellas popular even today.


Umbrellas are not just a household essential but make great marketing tools as well as your message will get boundless promotional opportunity. Used across the whole world, umbrellas are used by people of all ages and backgrounds, which make it a highly effective promotional product to get across your message.  Every time your customers use an imprinted umbrella they will become familiar with your brand name subconsciously and the next time they need your products or services they will know where to look for you!

Advertising Space

Anything imprinted on custom umbrellas will enjoy a definite edge over the competitors as it will never fail to grab the attention of anyone who sees it, which means that your message is reaching an audience beyond the targeted customers. Trendy umbrellas like totes umbrellas often get shared among friends and family members and custom umbrellas can easily pique an interest in your brand in these secondary customers. It is amazing that with something modest like umbrellas enables you to access multiple audiences with a high impact.

Budget friendly

Another big plus of using umbrellas as a marketing tool is its cost-effectiveness and assured ROI. They are a great product to buy in bulk for a variety of events like tradeshows or milestone celebrations. Custom umbrellas serve as a subtle way of advertising your company without being intrusive. It is much cheaper than the custom promotional activities like TV or billboards and will ensure more value for your promotional dime. Umbrellas enjoy a perfect score as promotional items for its universal utility combined with more value for money.

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