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Why logo Umbrellas hold the cue of a successful brand promo?

Promotional umbrellas have become unique and inspiring gifts to promote the brand and products of business houses for long. From being essential weather wear supplies to a high voltage promotional gift, umbrellas have come a very long way since the last few decades or so. Let us be frank about it! The key to the popularity of any promotional item is its wow factor and a custom logo umbrella has it in abundance that will readily sweep the customers off their feet! From being eye pleasers to being functional gifts, umbrellas make strong brand promoters from the word go and will ensure a steady ROI for sure.

Customized 48 inch Arc Red Umbrella

The advertising benefits of personalized umbrellas are countless. In comparison to any other promotional items, umbrellas involve an extremely low advertising cost and an exponentially high exposure rate. Can you guess the exposure that your logo gets when a person carrying your logo umbrella walk down a busy high street for 10 minutes? It is estimated that it can create up to 3000 impressions or more in that short period.

Summer season is the right season to hand out promotional umbrellas though people use umbrellas all around the year. From the golf season to alfresco dining spots and outdoor holidays and destination weddings and much more- summer season is truly delightful for everyone and these personalized umbrellas will make it all the more enjoyable and beautiful!

60 Arc Customized Golf Umbrellas w 17 Colors

To optimize the potency of this hard hitting advertising tool you need to choose the right umbrella with the right color and design that will woo your recipients. The most expensive is not always the best and the budget friendly models may not be tacky as people often think. We at can help you find the best models of custom umbrellas to match the theme of your branding campaign and budget to make sure that you get the best results.

Golf umbrellas and beach umbrellas will be good options to attract the outdoorsy customers and clients who love to hit the greens and beaches during their holidays. Anti wind umbrellas and folding umbrellas are evergreen models in our collection for their massive popularity. Small, sleek and strong, your recipients will surely like these umbrellas that fit their bags as weather blues can never play spoil sport in their lives.

Kids umbrellas are popular options to promote kids stores, nurseries and much more. Kids are tough customers who are hard to please and these custom umbrellas that are offered in a bevy of colors and styles are exclusively made to cater to their expectations and quirky color choices. These umbrellas are fun gifts to promote any business because a kid’s happiness is the foremost priority for any parent and they will have no qualms in endorsing a brand that made their kids happy and smiling. Children are hard wired to like cute and colorful accessories and these custom umbrellas will never disappoint them.

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