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Market umbrellas- the unbeatable city signage at a fraction of cost of conventional boards

Logo imprinted market umbrellas have evolved to be one of the most popular forms of advertising for businesses in crowded streets that vie to grab the attention of customers. Apart from offering elegance to many bars, cafes and restaurants, these will help the businesses to promote their brand and business message. Even as a temporary feature outside your business, market umbrellas can generate a huge impression in the minds of the customers in comparison to a signage that require planning permission and a high set up cost.

7x6 PanelPersonalized Market Umbrellasw10 Colors

Market umbrellas give a casual charm to the hotels and eateries along the crowded streets and will help them stand ahead amidst the endless rows of similar businesses that clamor for space. With ample headroom for standing or dining beneath, these massive paneled logo imprinted umbrellas with aluminum pole and ribs are designed to last long. Available in a range of colors and sizes, choosing a custom market umbrella that matches your brand is never a hard task. These umbrellas impart a modern image and visual appeal to the cafes and restaurants and will gain instant attention of the customers.

At US Umbrellas, we have a well sorted list of promotional market umbrellas that are perfect for promoting businesses and to create a comfortable alfresco setting during summers! Originated in the markets of Italy and France, these delightful market umbrellas have traveled several miles across Pacific to shade customers and businesses in USA. The large and logo imprinted canopies that are visible even from a distance will make sure that your café or eatery is never obscured by the towering structures around. Shade your customers during noon heat and buy their attention always by popping open these massive umbrellas.

7 Wood Square Promotional Market Umbrella w 5 Colors

Custom cafe umbrellas are the most popular forms of market umbrellas. These can be used to promote motels, hotels, restaurants by the pool side or beach and much more. These umbrellas will add up to the festive mood during special events and celebrations where people come out in large numbers to have a great time out!

Here are some of our popular models

3 Panel 3.5 Rib Length Personalized Half Market Umbrella w/ 4 Colors makes a perfect choice for marketers who wish to display their brand symbols loud and clear even in a crammed market place. It makes a reliable marketing material for restaurants, pubs, outdoor eateries, cafes, and others. Available in a palette of attractive colors such as black, white, royal blue and red colors, it has a massive imprint area- 18″ W x 18″ H that can house all your business message, logo and artwork with ease.

9 ft x 8 panel personalized Tulip Market Umbrella with Crank: These personalized tulip market umbrella with crank is a popular choice for summer promotions as these offer shade to the customers but also add a dramatic charm to the settings and also beautifies the surroundings. This amazing market umbrella with crank is usually sought for promotions by food companies, health services, luxury stores, travel operators and many more. You can hand these out as individual gifts as well as these can be used as garden umbrellas or barbecue umbrellas by the recipients.

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