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Promotional umbrellas for kids to make the Summer Camps more fun

School holidays have started and the kids are all set to have some serious fun and a well deserved break from the monotonous classes and assignment schedules. Most kids will love the summer camps, where they can hang out with their friends, enjoy the fresh air and have some outdoor fun.

With festivals, fun events and summer camps are all likely to keep the kids on their toes literally, it will be a smart idea to choose something that the kids will find useful wherever they go. If the tiny tots and their doting parents make your target customers, choose these promotional umbrellas to keep the kids happy during the summer season.

36 inch Arc Customized Penguin Shaped Kids Umbrellas

Logo imprinted umbrellas will make your company stand out from the crowd and be original.

Check out our ideas for summer camping sites and make your branding a success!

Let’s be frank about it. The market is flooded with different types of custom products for kids that range from lunch box to sunglasses and water bottles and more. However, if you are looking for something the kids will love to take back to school after their holidays and they will continue to use for a long time, then not many choices can match the charm of promotional umbrellas.

Kids will love to show off these exceptional gifts to their friends and family, which will mean additional word of mouth publicity for your brand. These logo imprinted umbrellas in bright colors will appease the tastes of the tiny tots and will grab instant attention of everyone. The best part is that these cute umbrellas for kids are designed to last long and brave the tumbles of daily life.

Customized 36 inch Arc Brown Umbrella

We have a fabulous selection of styles, shapes and designs of custom umbrellas, which will instantly bring smiles to the kids and their parents. These umbrellas mostly offered in the shapes of adorable animals makes perfect gifts during tradeshows, birthday parties, fancy dress parties or school events. Kids will love taking it around more often, which will give you free advertisement without much effort or expense.

Here are a few adorable models of kids’ umbrellas that literally fly off from our shelves during summer season

36 inch Arc Bear Shaped Kids Umbrellas. Cuddly teddy bears have always been popular play time buddies for any kids and these bear shaped umbrellas too will not be any less popular among the kids!Children love cute gifts and this personalized umbrella offered in the 3D shape of a bear will readily sweep your tiny patrons off their feet in no time. The metal shaft and black colored hold will enhance its good looks and stability. Ideal for kids above three years, this model can be employed in promoting kid’s stores, nurseries, day care centers, dentist offices and many more.

6 inch Arc Customized Penguin Shaped Kids Umbrellas Stand out for their stunning black, white and yellow color combination. These completely customizable umbrellas can be made attractive by imprinting cartoon characters, funny quotes, alphabets and much more to make it appeal to the tiny tots. The custom three dimensional features with curved handles and a pinch resistant runner makes this umbrella absolutely kids friendly.

If you need more promotional kids umbrella tips for the upcoming summer camps, please contact us and we can come up with innovative tips and ideas.

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