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A Few Brilliant Reasons That Make Golf Umbrellas The Best Promotional Swag

Golf is a popular sport in the country, which is passionately followed by millions of avid golfers. From professional leagues to amateur leagues and corporate golf weekends ends, golf is enjoyed by people of all age groups and play skills. Golf umbrellas that spread over large areas will make a great canvas for marketers to position their brand and message. The fiberglass shafts will make it light weight, portable and highly resistant to wind and lightening. Most golf umbrellas have ergonomic handles that let the players holding the umbrella ensure a natural position for their hands while playing.

Golf umbrellas that do not turn inside out even in harsh weather conditions also makes it a great choice for outdoor events and tradeshows as well. Anything imprinted on these massive umbrellas will never go unnoticed and this incredible visibility that these logo items offer is what makes promotional golf umbrellas a preferred choice among marketers who wish to make a long lasting impression at easy rates. The best part is that these umbrellas are very strong and sturdy and prevent the canopy from turning inside out by the winds.

Be it to spread awareness of social causes, promote brands or announce deals and make a buzz for your brand, these logo items will never fail to impress. Imprint your brand, message or contact details on it and see how this message grabs the attention of not just people in the greens but everyone outside.

Golf umbrellas are hugely popular Companies trying to attract large business investments to the organizations will find golf umbrellas a smart marketing strategy to use in promoting brands. Offered in a range of price points and sizes, golf umbrellas will suit the bills of both large and small businesses.

Here are some of the models in golf umbrellas that you will find interesting

Double Layered Umbrellas: Double canopy golf umbrellas are highly resistant to winds and flexible. These high-quality, double canopy golf umbrellas that will last for a long time will make great promotional gifts for all types of events

48 Inch Arc Custom Blue Sky Double Layered Umbrellas

61 Inch Arc  Wind Proof Heavy Duty Square Golf Umbrellas: The fiberglass shaft and frame coupled with a double layer windproof design and a square shaped pongee canopy will make these golf umbrellas stand out in style. Imprint your brand and message on these and see how these logo items turn heads easily.

61 Inch Arc Promotional Auto Open Wind Proof Heavy Duty Square Golf Umbrellas

Telescopic Custom Logo Umbrellas w/ 3 Colors: Get easy visibility at budget rates with these large folding umbrellas. Fiberglass and metal frame with sturdy hexagonal metal shaft makes it sturdy and well suited for the weather conditions of the greens. Imprint your brand and message and see how these logo items will grab the attention of not just the golfers but everyone around!

56 inch Arc Telescopic Custom Logo Umbrellas w/ 3 Colors

Also, there is a long tapered wood handle with built-in push button for automatic opening and matching nylon sleeve too.

 58 inch Arc Vented Economy Custom Logo Umbrellas: These vented golf umbrellas can withstand the high wind conditions of the golf greens with ease. The automatic open function, nylon fabric, and shoulder strap sleeve are the other features that make these umbrellas popular. Imprint your brand and message on these and see how these logo items leave a lasting impression in the minds of your recipients.

58 inch Arc Vented Economy Custom Logo Umbrellas

Golf umbrellas offer perennial brand exposure at easy rates. Make sure to place your message on these ever green promotional items that get seldom trashed!

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