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Your Golf Promotions Got A Notch Better With These Custom Golf Umbrellas On Special Price

The outdoor fun season is right here. The best way for marketers to put their brand in front of their target audience would be sports themed hand outs like custom golf umbrellas. Golf is a highly popular game in the country and it won’t be an exaggeration to say that every third person that you meet could be a golf player or someone who follows this game. The golf greens often double up as social circles and business round tables where important deals are inked. Golf is a game popular among the well heeled; and marketers thus will get a golden opportunity to meet the cream of the lot of customers and to promote their brand through these highly functional golf umbrellas.

60 inch Arc Custom Imprinted Golf Umbrellas w/ 17 Colors

Just in time for the golf season, we have come up with a special price offer for these 60 inch Arc Custom Imprinted Golf Umbrellas. Offered in 17 different color combinations and alternate panel design, these umbrellas will make a spectacular billboard for your message that will be seen from a long distance. Now that the Memorial Day is only a few days away, it will be a smart idea to hand out these golf umbrellas in red, blue and white color combinations that will double up as patriotic gifts as well.

Golf umbrellas can be used not just to protect both the cart and the player but as a trendy regular umbrellas that will literally leave the onlookers awestruck! This gigantic umbrella possesses metal shaft and wooden handle to make more resistant against the hazard of lightening. These nylon golf umbrellas that shrink to 40” are easy to carry around too.

Golf umbrellas will add specks of color and beauty to the greens and will make a great place for the players to hobnob and chill out in between the shots. Just imagine the exposure your brand that is imprinted on these will get as these impressive umbrellas remain wide open during the game day. A well customized umbrella will also grab the attention of the general public who might have gathered to watch the game. Golf umbrellas are highly versatile and functional items that can be used for promoting all types of businesses that range anything from banks and insurance companies to fashion brands and icecreams ! There are not many promotional items that can match the charisma and reach like these golf umbrellas and no wonder marketers are placing their cards on these time tested marketing tools even if it means that they have a to shell out a bit extra than ordinary umbrellas.

In addition to the special price offer model listed above, we have a complete line of custom golf umbrella in all price points. Don’t miss the fun of golf themed promotions; shop right away!

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