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Statistics Prove That Custom Umbrellas Make Successful Promotional Items

Umbrellas are not just functional these days but also have evolved to be happening fashion accessories and props. Offered in a range of colors and models, custom umbrellas make wonderful business gifts, employee handouts and more. The wide canopy area and the brilliant colors and multi panel designs will all make your brand message stand out like a billboard.

Marketers typically choose specific promotional items that appeal to a specific target or select goods with a broad appeal. Interestingly, custom umbrellas fall in both these categories.

Facts and figures speak for themselves

  • PPAI reports show that over 50% of people who receive a promo item feel more positively about the company that offered it than companies that never offered them anything.
  • Sales personnel who use custom gifts in their marketing swag are thought to get 22% more sales leads than salespeople who don’t.
  • Reports show that 25% of customer own promotional umbrellas in USA, which shows how popular these are as custom gifts.

Why custom Umbrellas

Custom umbrellas are offered in countless models that offers something special for everyone. From the fashion umbrellas to beach umbrellas and the colorful golf umbrellas and wedding umbrellas – the list is virtually endless. The creative marketers that are at ease with words just as much as figures, will find umbrellas a brilliant choice. The massive canopy coupled with brilliant colors will make it a highly valuable product in terms of high usability and advertising space.

Promotional umbrellas can seal deals during golf holidays and tradeshows. These walking talking billboards will do the tough job of spreading your business message in clear and explicit terms. Unlike other promotional items like pencils or chocolates, custom umbrellas are non expendable and will continue to work for your brand all its life span, creating countless impressions.

Unmatched promotional power

The biggest promotional power of custom umbrellas is the large size, visibility and usefulness of custom umbrellas. It is a great way to create brand awareness, within a small community or millions of people around the world. Imprint your slogan and artwork on these for maximum visibility. The recipients will not just love the attention that these brollies earn for them but will also make a talking topic in their social circles.

Here are some of the models that you will find interesting

Fashion umbrellas : The name tells it all. These are not just weather wear items but make stunning fashion statements that will paint the town in your brand color. Try it!

Mini 39 inch Arc Custom Umbrellas w/ Logo Imprints

Oversized umbrellas: Bigger the better. Put your brand on these spectacular umbrellas to make it well seen.

72 inch Beach Customized Logo Umbrellas w/ 5 Colors

Mini umbrellas: The world is a place where opposites meet! If oversized umbrellas are popular, these mini umbrellas are no less famous! Personalize these with your brand and message and see how easily your recipients fall in love with these cute umbrellas.

37 Inch Arc Personalized Mini Pencil Umbrellas

We have a lot of umbrellas in all possible colors and models. Browse and shop in bulk for the best deals.

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