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Promotional Umbrellas- Marketing Gifts That Endure Time

Promotional gifts that get used more will bring back more brand impressions. So, the smartest way to choose a custom gift would be to find an item that everyone needs and uses almost daily. Yes , you guessed it right , it is indeed custom umbrellas! Did you know that the annual market for umbrellas, in the United States alone is around $350 million? It is the best proof of the popularity that these simple and unassuming custom gifts enjoy.

Custom Printed 58 Inch Vented Pinwheel Umbrellas

Make the most of your marketing dime by using these imprinted umbrellas that will literally put your brand right into the heads of the users. These logo items are great to promote golf tournaments, outdoor events and tradeshows. By putting your brand on custom umbrellas you can keep your customers well shielded while exposing your brand. Choose from custom umbrellas that range from pint sized mini umbrellas to large golf umbrellas and everything in between!

The creative heads have a perfect blank canvas in the form of custom umbrellas to promote their brand. Be it logo, image, mascot or tag lines, umbrellas can show your brand identity in true style. We have even umbrellas models that can be customized inside for an understated look.

Why umbrellas are hugely popular

Everyone needs to protect themselves from adverse weather elements, regardless of where they live in this world. Umbrellas enjoy long term use and get trashed only when they are no longer working, which means that they will ensure a decent brand exposure for your business for many years. Umbrellas are not only business gifts but also wedding gifts, party favors, photo props and even accessories! Marketers can personalize these with their brand and message to make these functional items their best brand ambassadors. Your recipients will surely love the attention that they get while wearing it while your brand grabs the spotlight.

Budget friendly gift

Umbrellas will highlight your business message and will ensure a panoramic display for your message. Customers will retain a well designed umbrella as these limited edition branded umbrellas will get them a lot of attention while the businesses can still adhere to their budget.

Options galore

Custom umbrellas are available in a range of shapes and models. If you are looking for something quirky , choose these logo rebel inverted umbrellas that have a contrasting color on underside. These umbrellas closes away from you, thus keeping the users dry when closing or while entering a car.

The vented pinwheel umbrella is another option to consider. Bring alive the childhood memories with these Pinwheel Umbrellas that will unveil a kaleidoscope of colors when you give it a gentle spin. Make your fall in love with not just your brand but with the outdoors in all seasons with these custom gifts!

What is in store for custom Umbrellas

Umbrellas have been in the present form for around 300+ years and the future will see a lot of things changing. In the future, we are likely to see a lot of innovations in custom umbrellas. Apart from the trendiest models and colors, more shapes and sizes are also likely to be introduced into the promotional umbrellas. Stay tuned!

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