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Double Canopy Golf Umbrellas- What you need to know

Golf umbrellas are basically designed to protect golfers from the sun and rain. Larger in size, these protect not just the player but the golf bag as well.

What’s a double canopy golf umbrella?

As its name suggests, a double canopy golf umbrella has two layers on its canopy instead of one. The rest of the parts like handle, shaft, springs etc are same as ordinary umbrellas

Benefits of a double canopy golf umbrella

Firstly, double canopy golf umbrellas are large enough to provide shade for the golfer and the caddie from shine or shower.

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They won’t topple over during stormy weathers.

The vented design of double canopy golf umbrella will let the wind flow through these without the canopy turning inside out in gusts. Wind resistance is a very important factor to consider while buying golf umbrella. Double canopy umbrella can resist heavy winds speed and won’t be turned around. The air vents in between the two canopies will let the flow the air easily thereby  breaking the speed of air. The double canopy design really matters when it comes to wind resistance.


 Made of high quality materials, these umbrellas also have firm grip handles, which make it easy to hold it tight in the greens even if the handle gets wet due to rain or your hand is sweaty due to heat. Ideally the handle should be wide and rubber coated to ensure a firm yet comfortable grip.

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Selection tips

Spare a thought on when you’ll be using the umbrella. Double canopy golf umbrellas include all the functions of a standard umbrella plus a lot of added features. You can choose an appropriate model that meets your needs

Consider the weather

For windy weather, the full-length umbrellas are better than models with shorter second canopies. Inverted umbrellas are best for the rainy season as it traps the water within its folds and keep the floors and cars dry even when you carry a wet umbrella. Umbrellas with longer second canopies are best for sunny weather.

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Quality is important

Choose umbrellas that are durable and made of high quality components and not based on an  appealing appearance.

 Sun and Rain Protection

Sun and rain protection is the basic function of umbrellas in its first place. Make sure that the umbrella you choose protect you from heavy heat and ultraviolet rays of the sun and also from heavy rain. Double canopy umbrellas are vented to circulate air through the whole system. It will keep the users cool during summer. During high speed wind it allows easy passage of wind thereby preventing it from turning inside out

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Last but not least, choose brightly colored umbrellas to make sure that the players are being followed or keenly watched during the game. It will help to enhance their fanbase as well as their confidence. So a bright-colored golf umbrella will bring in an element of interest into the game every time they play.

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