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Tips for Choosing the Right Custom Golf Umbrellas

Golf is not just a weekend game to wind down in the company of friend and to enjoy a banter session these days. Golf greens often become an extension of business board rooms for businessmen to negotiate deals and talk business in a fun and casual settings. On a rough estimate there are nearly 30 million golfers in the United States, which means merchandise like golf umbrellas can create limitless brand impressions for businesses that sponsor or attend golf events.   Golf products like umbrellas will get a lot of attention both on and off the greens thanks to its eye popping canopy size and the brilliant color choices on offer that will arrest the attention of anyone who sees it. .

58 inch Auto Open Custom Logo Full Color Umbrellas w/ 7 Colors

Golf tournaments draw large crowds, which means that your brand imprinted on golf umbrellas will get increased face time and recognition within the community. Golf umbrellas will put your brand on a wide display on the teeming golf greens frequented by players, fans and sponsors to create valuable impressions.

Though golf is thought to have originated in the fourteenth century, it was only many decades after that golf became an organized and popular game that became the favorite of the well heeled businessmen and professional players. Custom golf umbrellas designed to protect the players and the caddie from weather elements like sun, rain or wind has evolved to be powerful promotional items for brand to publicize their events and to spread the word.  The best part is that it has become a trend to use golf umbrellas  for regular use these days especially among celebrities who wish to conceal their identity or among people moving in small groups of 2 or more.

Most golf umbrellas have fiberglass shaft material to make them withstand the wind and the harsh weather conditions in the greens and to make them more lightening resistant. Light weight and padded handles will prevent fatigue and make prolonged usage easy. Dual canopy golf umbrellas like these 58 inch Auto Open Umbrellas can withstand high winds better and will keep the golfer well protected even in the event of an unexpected cloud burst.

Straight handle models like 60 inch Arc Custom Logo Umbrella are easy to pack in golf bags and carry along.  Another popular model to consider is Vented Custom Promotional Umbrellas that can stand up against winds better due to its vented windproof canopy, fiberglass frame with blonde wood grip handle, and metal shaft.

60 inch Arc Custom Logo Umbrellas w/ 4 Colors

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