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How To Use Market Umbrellas In Your Business Promotions

Add dollops of charm to your outdoor area and buy easy attention from everyone around with these custom market umbrellas. These umbrellas with a flatter canopy can also be used to add style to your patio or garden. Apart from being a high visibility billboard for your brand and message, these logo items will make a comfortable shade for your customers and guests and can be used to make extra seating in the patio during fair weather promotional activities. These are widely used during outdoor promotions and outdoor activities during summer and fall season.

Market umbrellas are available in a range of convenient models and sizes that it is not hard for you to choose a model that suits your needs.

Wood Market Umbrellas

A wooden market umbrella will combine the classic charm of wood with remarkable durability. The frames made of tropical wood will provide flexibility and strength to withstand the outdoor weather elements. Most of these market umbrella poles will fit any standard table umbrella hole or base. Check out these 7 Ft Custom Imprinted Wood Market Umbrellas that will make your promotions stand out. Offered in a palette of bright colors like Black, Navy, Royal, Brown, Red, Burgundy, Hunter, White, Pink and Purple among many others, these wood market umbrellas will add a fairy tale charm to your outdoor promotions and business events. Personalize these with your brand and message and see how these logo items will grab the attention of everyone around in no time. Easy to fix and dismantle, these market umbrellas can be carried from different venues with ease. These portable market umbrellas will ensure the best value for your money as these can be reused many times before they run out of utility and will continue to make impression for your brand during their whole shelf life.

7 Ft Custom Imprinted Wood Market Umbrellas

Steel Market Umbrellas

Steel market umbrellas will make long lasting solution to add beauty to your outdoor area and backyard. These umbrellas have steel frames and UV treated Polyester resistant canopy that will enhance its functionality. 7 Ft Custom Printed New Steel Market Umbrellas will make a great option to make outdoor promotions spectacular. It is impossible for anyone to turn their heads towards these impressive umbrellas that will make great display boards for your brand plus a soothing shade in the sweltering sun.

7 Ft Custom Printed New Steel Market Umbrellas

Aluminum Market Umbrellas

Light weight, portable and highly functional these market umbrellas have Aluminum frames and UV resistant Polyester canopy. Offered in a range of colors, these market umbrellas will make vibrant options to get your message out. Get yours today!

We have market umbrellas in a range of models and colors. Choose an item that matches your corporate theme and promotional budget for added impact.

Do share your experience of using these custom market umbrellas for your promotions in the comments section below.

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