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Market Your Business The Right Way With These Market Umbrellas

Are you planning to promote your business in a few days or few weeks time? Do you want to be constantly seen by your customers and prospects 7 days a week? Have you ever thought of investing in umbrellas that carry your business name or business logo?

Promote your business in no time with these Market Umbrellas. These imprinted umbrellas can carry your name 7 days a week without even worrying if the print on the umbrella could last long. Rain or shine, the imprinted information on these custom umbrellas will never fade. Having something that you can show off every day without being annoying or intrusive is something that you should consider especially when you are planning your promotional campaign. These imprinted umbrellas create more impressions even greater than the media or other mediums of advertising. Also, it has been proven that the ROI on promotional products had better return on investment than radio and outdoor advertising.

Once you display these imprinted umbrellas daily, people will become more and more familiar with your brand name and they will eventually purchase from you. You can have these printed umbrellas placed outside the sidewalk.

  • If you are a cafe, these market umbrellas will be perfect for you. You can have these umbrellas opened 24/7, 7 days a week outside your café. People will love to hide under these imprinted umbrellas especially when the weather is very hot or when it is raining heavily. Every time someone will take cover under these imprinted umbrellas they will be glad and grateful to you. These are ways that you can make someone love your business even more.
  • If you are out to attend a trade show or business convention, you can still stand out. Even when the businesses at the tradeshow will use their own tents or umbrellas, you can still stand out simply because you can have your business name or logo imprinted on these umbrellas. Your loyal customers or those interested to try your products can easily locate your both because these imprinted umbrellas come in different colors and designs.
    If you want to show the people in the community that you care, give them a shade through these imprinted umbrellas.

Below are some samples of the market umbrellas that we sell online.

  1. 98 Inch Arc Mariner Custom Market Umbrellas with 5 Colors
    -> Can be personalized
    -> Imprint Area: 18” x 16”
    -> Colors available are navy, red, black, hunter and white
    -> Manual open function98 inch Arc Mariner Custom Market Umbrellas w/ 5 Colors
  2. Aluminum 6 ft 6 Panel Custom Market Umbrella with 5 Colors
    -> Wooden grain appearance on frame
    -> Imprint Area: 18” x 18”
    -> Colors available are black, hunter green, khaki, red and white
    -> Fabric: PolyesterAluminum 6 ft 6 Panel Custom Market Umbrella w/ 5 Colors
  3. Aluminum 7 ft x 4 Panel Square Personalized Market Umbrella with 4 Colors
    -> Manual open function
    -> Imprint Area: 12” x 12” on panel
    -> Aluminum frame with wooden grain design
    -> Fabric: PolyesterAluminum 7 ft x 4 Panel Square Personalized Market Umbrella w/ 4 Colors

The rest of our market umbrellas can be seen on our website. Choosing the right promotional tool can lead your business to the right way. We are here to help you invest your money on the promotional products that truly matters.

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