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Which Colored Custom Umbrella Colors To Choose For Promotions during Rains?

Colorful custom umbrellas are often chosen for outdoor campaigning during mass events, where huge participation is expected. Most companies impinge on typical colors, which easily synchronize with their brand theme or justify their brand insignia. If it is raining, then they have to choose the colors carefully because there are chances of people ignoring them at large. Here are some colored custom umbrellas, which can easily work for you during rainy season –

Which Colored Custom Umbrella Colors To Choose For Promotions during Rains?

  • Alternate Panels – Alternate colored umbrellas are grabbing popularity during rains because they possess ability to transfix the gaze. People get easily drawn to alternate panel umbrellas than plain ones due to their impressive color profile.

In plain colors, you can easily go for –

  • Red – It is a color which easily buys attention against any backdrop.  Red umbrella represents joys and passion. It can easily buy the attention of the crowd or your targeted customer segment, even it is heavily raining. You can easily use it for highlighting your important business messages during rains.
  • Yellow – It symbolizes bright sunshine! Oops don’t misunderstand us because yellow umbrellas can easily trigger that feeling of hope within an onlooker. A yellow market umbrella installed at a tradeshow booth will be an eye-catching stuff and people would be easily drawn towards it.
  • Blue – You can easily get over monsoon blues by installing a blue market umbrella or even gifting away a blue market umbrella to your targeted customer segment. Blue is a natural healer and mood enhancer, so it will easily aid people to forget those wet woes of the season and enjoy themselves under it. Blue also spells authority, so you can easily use them for inviting attention of the crowd during tradeshows in rain.
  • Green – Spells positivity and uniqueness with their enchanting color theme. Investing in a green umbrella during monsoons is becoming a hot trend amongst low budget marketers around US. They know it is going to be easily accepted by the masses due to its enchanting color theme. The green umbrella offers plenty of room for marketers and individuals to highlight their business messages and social messages.
  • Clear – Clear bubble umbrellas are preferred for gifting during rainy days because they allow the user to see the things clearly ahead and shelters them from heavy downpour too. Watching the rains lashing out on path gives you enough chance to get connected with nature.

NO information is perfect when it comes to predicting the colors for your brand, still you can employ colored umbrellas (mentioned above) and see the difference they make to your campaign.

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